Standoff Between Israelis and Palestinians

Reports that President Obama has spoken to Prime Minister Netanyahu to negotiate a cease fire.
3:21 | 07/10/14

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Transcript for Standoff Between Israelis and Palestinians
Dangerous standoff between Israelis and Palestinians. A region on -- -- trigger. And -- the President Obama has spoke with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu saying. The US is prepared to negotiate a cease fire between Hamas and Israel. We have two reports tonight ABC's englishman Donald starting us off on the ground in Tel Aviv. Theses lines today under BI and don't. -- -- defense system against rockets from Gaza. Win the Saturn -- -- yeah. For some it's a difficult choice. Run for cover up will stay -- watch. Does it feel like there's -- -- to you. Goals -- know there's a war but. I -- afraid I mean I feel sorry world more than -- game. From Gaza City defense. Because they really -- -- -- At least a 150 of these rockets were launched out of Gaza today. Israeli military has fired back many more -- -- A single Israeli life has been lost during this operation. Gaza school was have been killed. It's high school and hospital today that taking exams teachers from the school would guiding the students. Into the shelter it's also these -- and it is facing this is the -- his senior year she says she was nervous about coming today. Because they -- this invasion here once this is -- -- join the army. 20000 reservists have already reported for GT. Is the Israeli military takes positional the edges of Gaza ahead of a possible ground offensive. The question is whether Israel's response is proportionate. It talks about precision strikes on Hamas targets. But in Gaza they say many of the victims who were innocent civilians. My colleague Alex not quite as -- tonight Alex. -- -- -- here in Gaza is quickly rising around ninety people killed so far approximately half cent to be women and children. And hundreds more have been severely wounded. Ten year old -- is lifted gently onto the X -- table he was at home with his -- when the call came from Israel evacuate immediately. A missile is comics. -- my uncle Colby pack everything they whispers to me I took my backpack and went to leave when they attacks. The family now without a home just the clothes on their backs. Look at the -- we want a cease fire is uncle says the live in peace like people all over the world. There are no warning sirens here no shelters. As Palestinian militants fired volleys of rockets at Israel civilians have borne the brunt of Israel's response. Israel claims family homes often store weapons and double its command centers. And that Palestinians gather on -- to act as human shields. But deadly mistakes are being made a funeral today for eight members of the el Haj family. The target wasn't there Mike Stanley this man wailed. Where are my family. Israel says it will investigate that strike the prime minister tonight accusing Hamas hiding behind innocent civilians. -- Our thanks to Alex Marquardt and -- McDonald in the region.

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{"id":24514379,"title":"Standoff Between Israelis and Palestinians","duration":"3:21","description":"Reports that President Obama has spoken to Prime Minister Netanyahu to negotiate a cease fire.","url":"/WNT/video/standoff-israelis-palestinians-24514379","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}