State of the Union: Obama to Address Jobs

President will outline pillars of domestic agenda targeting battleground states.
3:33 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for State of the Union: Obama to Address Jobs
-- might wanna watch for someone in the audience at the state of the union her name is Debbie both -- You may not know her but she secretary to the third richest man in the world Warren Buffett why issue there. -- the billionaire has said she illustrates why the tax code is so unfair to America's workers he says. He pays a lower your tax rate than she -- Which brings us to ABC's Jake Tapper and -- the president will almost certainly bring all of this up tonight. Absolutely he will put it in terms of tax fairness Republicans. Will talk about class warfare. Campaign 2012. In many ways -- night begins. Preparing for his third State of the Union Address President Obama this afternoon took a leisurely stroll along the White House colony. The president was asked how he feels about the speech he'll -- to the nation in just a few hours. He may have seemed serene but White House officials trying to build excitement and out west wing kind of way. Put out this behind the scenes video with shots of the speech writers working with the president on the address and then close ups of -- edited pages. Tonight's speech is intended as a follow up to the fiery populism the president's been holding on the road. I believe that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot. When everyone got their fair share. When everyone playing by the same -- The president will outline four pillars of his domestic agenda and take that message to five battleground states starting tomorrow. They -- American manufacturing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in Phoenix Arizona. Thursday American energy in Las Vegas, Nevada and Denver Colorado. And skills for American workers training and education in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Friday. At every stop -- -- his view of American values higher taxes for wealthier Americans what he calls paying their fair share. And Wall Street and government reform. We can go in two directions. One -- towards less opportunity and -- parents or we can fight for where I think we need to -- building an economy that works for everyone. Not just -- -- And -- expect to hear much more of that language going forward in this election as the president tries to make this election a choice and not a referendum. On his first term and the census first chance to weigh in big after all this Republican debate that's right the debates have been full of -- -- the in his -- And a lot of pessimism about how great America is he will trying. To cast himself as the sunny optimist that reaganesque if you will. And we always love to watch to see who else is in the audience who -- the White House choose to come to these events. Warren -- secretaries -- is just one of the guests who will be with the First Lady tonight here's some others. Astronaut mark Kelly whose wife congresswoman Gabby Giffords who we sitting in the chamber one of her final acts. As a member of congress -- -- Powell jobs the widowed visionary Steve Jobs of apple. And Sarah Ferguson a math teacher -- Pennsylvania school faced bankruptcy. But she vowed to keep on teaching without case. And George Stephanopoulos and and the full ABC political team will be bringing you live coverage of stated to the union tonight beginning at 9 PM eastern 6 Pacific and we hope you will join us then. And a reminder that on Thursday morning I'll sit down with the president. His first network interview as the countdown from the state of the union to the election. Begins.

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{"id":15433621,"title":"State of the Union: Obama to Address Jobs","duration":"3:33","description":"President will outline pillars of domestic agenda targeting battleground states.","url":"/WNT/video/state-union-obama-address-jobs-15433621","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}