State of the Union Revisits Buffett Rule

Billionaire Warren Buffett's secretary becomes face of debate over taxes.
4:50 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for State of the Union Revisits Buffett Rule
Your voice your vote tonight the president in that moment last night during the state of the union that preview of what's to come how he'll make his case for reelection. We sell our country where a shrinking number of people do really well while a growing number of Americans barely get by. Or we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot. And everyone does their fair share and every one play by the -- And what of the faces of that debate is this woman Warren Buffett's secretary -- masonic. So often spoken of and so rarely seen. Buffett says he pays a lower tax rate than she does something he calls unfair and tonight we hear from the secretary for the first time ABC's -- -- -- delivery get in Omaha tonight. We -- ABC news exclusive -- -- a good evening. Good evening to David -- -- the sonic says she still feels like Cinderella at the -- -- the 24 hours that she's had. She spent her entire life here and Hamas started working for warn -- the age of seventeen. And since -- never really thought much about taxes or the -- she pace compared to her boss until the past few months. We'll now she's at -- -- -- -- nationwide debate. A hero's welcome for -- secretary thrust into the spotlight after a whirlwind ride to stardom that began when her famous boss Warren Buffett. -- she pays a higher tax rate in he does. When asking a billionaire to pay at least as much as a secretary in taxes. -- her seat near the First Lady for the one -- next to her boss today the -- she's worked for for nineteen years. You said that you felt as if you're representing secretaries -- -- Andrea -- I just feel like an average citizen soft. Maybe I just -- is representing just the average citizen -- You know needs -- -- Sen and wants to be treated fairly in the area of taxation that is typical she's she's right in the middle. She pays -- 35 point 8% tax rate. While her billionaire boss pays a 70%. Tax rate which is why Buffett and now the president are pushing what's being called the Buffett rule. Requiring millionaires to pay at least 30% in income tax including that money earned through investments. It comes just 24 hours -- Republican candidate Mitt Romney revealed he made almost 43 million dollars over two years. Paying -- tax rate of thirteen point 9% in 2010. Not dead these 35 point 8%. Today on the campaign trail Mitt Romney's wife and appeared frustrated that they were so pressure to release their taxes. You all know he's been successful in business unfortunately that was made abundantly clear yesterday -- act -- Forms were released opponents argue raising the capital gains tax for millionaires like Romney will stifle job creation. Something this billionaire disagrees -- Capital gains rates have been much higher in the past but does have this question for the governor what is your challenge to him what is your question to him if he did nothing illegal. Is it a moral obligation -- he has the power to do it to change to try to change the tax law if you become president of United States. You know do you really think that you want to have a tax code that results in your tax rate. When the same tax code results and -- paying 35 point 8%. And David we reached out to the Romney camp with Buffett's question they said they didn't care to respond to warn buffet but that the governor is committed to cutting taxes. Particularly for the middle class today but I should also note that Warren Buffett says he doesn't blame Romney for anything that he did in -- -- -- -- he -- he blames congress of that low tax rate. And the huge debate in the year to come ABC's be -- -- -- -- tonight thank you want to bring in our senior White House correspondent Jake Tapper traveling with the president today in -- -- and -- we heard from. Warren Buffett's secretary there we also from the president last night using the word fairness why is his reelection team convinced this is going to resonate with the voters. Well David put yourself in the Obama campaign's -- the president. As a 57%. Disapproval rating when it comes to -- handling of the economy but these two items about taxation. Increasing taxes on wealthier Americans the so called buffer rule and also changing the tax code so as to encourage investment in manufacturing here in the US what the president is talking about right now at this construction site here in Phoenix. These aren't popular the problem with the Obama campaign right now the conundrum. Is that his signature achievements whatever their merits Health Care Reform financial reform they're not popular he cannot campaign on them before a mass audience before. Independent voters who he is going to talk about these stark differences he has now with the Republican nominee whoever he -- and a big. David all right Jake Tapper on the challenge ahead for the president thank you in Diane Sawyer will be sitting down with the president. His first network interview following the state of the union now that the countdown of the election is on science interview with the president right here on world news tomorrow night.

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{"id":15443548,"title":"State of the Union Revisits Buffett Rule","duration":"4:50","description":"Billionaire Warren Buffett's secretary becomes face of debate over taxes.","url":"/WNT/video/state-union-revisits-buffett-rule-15443548","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}