Many States Hit by the Latest Winter Storm

ABC News' extreme weather team tracks the latest weather across the nation.
3:00 | 02/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Many States Hit by the Latest Winter Storm
And this one, two, three punch from the winter that will not quit. The second storm, now moving in on 142 million Americans, who just dug out from the first one. And watch the map and the clock. Overnight, with each passing hour, more states, more Americans taking the latest hit. In the next 12 hours, 21 states in all. And we have been hearing from you about snow fatigue and all the salt from the roads slowly corroding your car. So, our extreme weather team has a camera on it all tonight. And our Clayton Sandell starts us off in the icy mess. Reporter: After a snowy left jab, winter is now throwing an icy right hook. The second winter storm this week causing deadly ice on Texas roads. Today, a truck went careening into a sheriff's deputy and three bystanders. One of the bystanders was killed. In Arkansas, a layer of ice is bringing down power lines. And in Wichita, Kansas, the only thing getting traction, is frustration. In Missouri today, we hit the road with snow plow driver kadi horner Gonzalez, valiantly fighting an uphill battle. How dangerous is it our here for drivers? It's pretty dangerous. People should really stay off the road. Let us get out here. Let us clear it. Reporter: To give you an idea how fast this snow is coming down. This is what it looked like at 8:00 this morning. And this is what it looked like at 4:00. Winter's slog is showing on hundreds of miles of roads. It's horrible. I actually probably ran over several potholes on the way here. Reporter: And all of the salt being used on the road is rusting the underside of cars. A quick car wash can prevent that. But it won't fix a crash. In Atlanta, auto repair shops are ten-times busier than Normal. Hailstorms are nightmares. Floods are nightmares. Snow is absolutely the worst. Reporter: Across two-thirds of the U.S., school districts are reporting more snow days than Normal. I know we may have to go to school until the end of July. Reporter: And this Kentucky elementary school principal and drama teacher are hoping laughter cures a bit of cabin fever. ♪ School is canceled school is canceled ♪ Reporter: We've hit five inches here in Kansas City. But this storm is not done yet. Forecasters say it could come down as much as an inch per hour tonight, reaching a foot in some places before moving east overnight. Diane? And, Clayton, more on the way, now. Now, ABC's meteorologist ginger zee tells us how fast the new one is coming. Let me show you the timing. It's not snowing on the east coast yet. Don't worry, it will. We'll start in the overnight hours. Here we go. Places like Cleveland, southeastern Michigan, going to get in on it tonight. We stopped at 3:00 A.M. New York City starts getting snow. Watch that rain/snow line. It is going to go from heavy snow quickly to freezing rain and a mix. That's going to cut down snow totals. And all of us get rid of it tomorrow afternoon and certainly by the evening through new England. Boston could get a big snow amount of out this. They've been under. 6 to 12 inches in the pink north of New York City. Washington, D.C. And Cincinnati get in the freezing rain. They're going to have ice issues. Diane?

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{"id":22368473,"title":"Many States Hit by the Latest Winter Storm","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' extreme weather team tracks the latest weather across the nation.","url":"/WNT/video/states-hit-latest-winter-storm-22368473","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}