Steve Jobs' Legacy: iPhone 4S Sales Skyrocket

Thousands line up for latest Apple product following CEO's passing.
3:16 | 10/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Steve Jobs' Legacy: iPhone 4S Sales Skyrocket
He stopped by the -- drove by an electronic store today you saw -- the long lines snaking around the buildings. Thousands and thousands of people hoping to snap up the last super device created by Steve Jobs. Before He died the Apple iPhone four S went on sale today. And from America to Asia it was the talk of the globe sparking a frenzied more than a million sold in the first 24 hours. Another three million expected to fly off the shelves this weekend. Apple Stock closing at an all time high. A lot of people said it was a chance to pay tribute to an American genius but others just wanted to check out his -- That this last great invention might change the way we shop. And live all over again. So will -- here's ABC's David Wright. In Germany and Germantown Pennsylvania. This wasn't just -- product launch it was O worldwide and then I have a golden cycle of war and this -- the -- -- -- -- -- vehicle Michael Morgan. One -- -- 5000. Miles from Amsterdam to Pasadena. First stop. The apples from Thailand Wednesday -- 5 AM from the Netherlands I got an eleven hour. Playing right then I went straight here in the San Francisco Bay Area the first person lying was the co-founder of the company. Apple employee number one Steve Wozniak and it may -- think of when I was appalled waiting in line overnight. To get tickets to see The Rolling Stones and -- land. In its first weekend alone apples on track to sell as many as four million phones. More than double the number of iPhone fours in its opening weekend. That's one point two billion dollars in consumer spending. The entire US box office the first four Harry Potter movies combined. In fact so many people were eager to buy Apple's latest creation the today the activation system got swapped. Madeleine Brand ordered hers in advance but like many frustrated customers had to spend hours at the store getting it to work. Matalin a mother of two hosts a popular radio show and LA she's part of a broader demographic shift it's not just teens buying I've -- on these days. What -- most excited about is the new features Syria at digital personal assistant built in feature allowing you to talk to the phone. And it answers questions. From -- to call my husband and I -- -- -- minutes we put it through its paces standing right outside a bookstore she asked. Where can I get the latest John Grisham novel. It brought -- web sites -- buying it online. I think supplies for the digital. This is her verdict it's. Got a lot of -- to live in maybe not perfect cannot answer. -- my question that we wanted to answer but it may be helpful and let me be helpful in. Seven only for some of the customers we spoke with today there were sentimental reasons to buy this phone. Loyalty to the company founder Steve Jobs in fact this was the last. -- that the jobs helped to create and some customers even said that to them for -- means for Steve.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Thousands line up for latest Apple product following CEO's passing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14741761","title":"Steve Jobs' Legacy: iPhone 4S Sales Skyrocket","url":"/WNT/video/steve-jobs-legacy-iphone-4s-sales-skyrocket-14741761"}