Sticky Fingers in the Office Costing Companies Billions

Employees swipe everyday office supplies make big profit on internet.
2:18 | 05/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sticky Fingers in the Office Costing Companies Billions
Who hasn't -- a little something from the office supply closet but tonight here are staggering number office -- perhaps one of your coworkers. Stealing more than fifty billion dollars a year in office supplies. Many if you reacting to the case revealed on 20/20 the man who -- Sobel supplies on the black market. It made him a millionaire. Four time here's ABC's do you but he -- Helping yourself from the office supply closet thing many of us do but -- go way beyond taking hostess and highlights just -- internal and praising god. Marquis -- laws of supply clerk at a prestigious new York -- -- hospital when a stranger offered him a deal. If -- ordered extra printer toner on the hospital's bill. He would buy it from him at the loading dock handing -- bags of cash and call me back. With the money and attention back and potato chip yes believe it or not this stuff is so lucrative it's been called black gold. In fact. Just one of these can cost hundreds of dollars middlemen resell the stolen -- at cut rate prices often online in two and a half years. -- school and resold. One point five million dollars worth of printer toner. Employees sticky fingers now costing companies that staggering amount over fifty billion and office supplies a year so many -- you tweeted after watching our story on 20/20. One road left is left. Another wrote who -- printer toner was such a hot commodity. In Washington State this Office Depot employee was caught on camera using a fork -- making off with over half a million dollars of printer toner. Guns used his -- profits to buy fancy cars and go on trips. The Bahamas and Miami and human right problems that he was eventually arrested and convicted of Grand Larceny -- is now out on parole after eighteen months. Behind bars who was disappointed -- in. My mom. She can bring me up like this. So why do people take things from work -- one Psycho therapist told us. Perhaps it's seen as a way to get back at the boss especially for low wages. And so as we start up a new work week David. Perhaps a lot of people may be considering not taking that highlight her from their office getting back at the -- -- mom he's -- his mom was not happy with them.

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{"id":19209373,"title":"Sticky Fingers in the Office Costing Companies Billions","duration":"2:18","description":"Employees swipe everyday office supplies make big profit on internet.","url":"/WNT/video/sticky-fingers-office-costing-companies-billions-19209373","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}