Stop and Frisk Incident Under Fire in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Police were sued in 2009 for stop and frisk, now another incident is under review.
1:46 | 10/14/13

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Transcript for Stop and Frisk Incident Under Fire in Philadelphia
expect america to pay its bills. Now we move onto philadelphia and a new tape sparkingout rage. It began as a run in police two policemen and two pedestrians and ended in questions about the technique called stop and risk. Pierre thomas takes us through that tape right now. Reporter: It happened on a north philadelphia street late last month. Two african-american men allegedly stopped for saying hello to someone. You have i.D.? You live around here? I'm going to work I was just saying hi to them. Why? You don't say hi to strangers, not in this neighborhood. Hold on, hold on. I'm not asking you for consent. Because I just told you to. Put your phour in yo pocket. Why? I didn't do nothing. Reporter: The video was posted anonymously shot by someone as they dealt with police. Don't come to philadelphia. Stay in new jersey. We don't want you here anyway. You weaken the country. By working? Free loading. It was disturbing. There was no legal justification. The pennsylvania aclu sued the philadelphia police over the stop and risk policy and obtained a consent order that required the department to justify any stop and frisk incident. Since 2011 40 percent of cases have been without justification. In a statement to abc news, a philadelphia police said the department takes this very seriously and we don't tolerate unprofessional and distasteful behavior. The philadelphia police are promising a full investigation and vow region to allow this to taint an entire department. Pierre thomas, new york. Tonight there is news about

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{"id":20570270,"title":"Stop and Frisk Incident Under Fire in Philadelphia","duration":"1:46","description":"Philadelphia Police were sued in 2009 for stop and frisk, now another incident is under review.","url":"/WNT/video/stop-frisk-incident-fire-philadelphia-20570270","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}