Storm Chasers Eye Midwest Twisters

Ginger Zee breaks down firsthand experience on ground with powerful twisters.
2:33 | 03/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Storm Chasers Eye Midwest Twisters
Want to bring in NBC's ginger G right now she is a meteorologist. And one of those intrepid Storm Chasers who is heading out tonight to watch for tornadoes ginger. Diane even -- it looks peaceful and quiet behind me here in Cincinnati tonight. The ingredients are coming together all the way from here. To Mississippi. And east to the Carolinas for -- tomorrow to be another disaster -- day Storm Chasers like myself are preparing for the worst. And keeping our eyes to the sky. South and midwest -- for another impact Storm Chasers are now rushing into the heart of it. Brendan Sullivan from Oklahoma on police. It does give us an opportunity to go out. And learn more about storms -- why they act the way they do. -- -- -- Tracking twisters around the country most of the time of the group come TV and -- Not every tornado touched down in Oklahoma last year when estimating winds 165. Miles around. -- a thirteen mile path of destruction a half mile -- put. Being on the ground ahead of the tornado like that he and morning he actually now. Mr. -- twister as it develops. You can feel the winds licking its called -- and there's a sense that the atmosphere is ready to Iraq. When warm and moist air coming from one direction near the ground clashes with air that's cooler drier and higher in the atmosphere it creates wind -- This causes of -- -- -- -- and turbulence in the sky. This unstable air mass forms violent thunderstorms the updraft like a vacuum turns that funnel up right. Not good guys. Really that. And -- tornado -- can't look this is -- camera can be destructive. Force that -- out everything in and. So what can you do to keep you and your family safe number one line of defense you have to get a -- weather radio that's that battery powered radio that will -- you in the middle of the night it -- its alerts from the National Weather Service and it really can save your life. Second once you hear that they'll -- you have to have a plan where are you going to go when the tornado or severe weather strikes figure that out tonight.

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{"id":15829500,"title":"Storm Chasers Eye Midwest Twisters","duration":"2:33","description":"Ginger Zee breaks down firsthand experience on ground with powerful twisters.","url":"/WNT/video/storm-chasers-head-midwest-tornadoes-15829500","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}