Assessing Tornado, Flooding and Wildfire Damage

Alex Perez tracks the latest weather news across America.
2:07 | 06/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Assessing Tornado, Flooding and Wildfire Damage
From coast to coast millions of Americans are under threat of severe weather once again. Including a lot of people already battered by tornadoes floods and fires and ABC's Alex Perez. Is standing watch tonight over the new weather moving in and a new way of -- the power or of the wins this weekend Alex. -- -- -- blade to a wind turbine -- show it to -- from a different angle from a book -- -- take a look at this it is a massive about a 150 feet long. The violent winds picked up and slammed up against that building a day -- center -- luckily no one what's inside that. Building but he gives you an idea of just how dangerous. This tornado wise. He relentless outbreaks of twisters -- no. Flooding here in Oklahoma has proven too much for -- Richardson and her daughter Alexis is just heartbreaking because everything she worked for all your -- In homes and -- on. At least fourteen dead from this latest outbreak search crews around whenever there's a break in the weather. If on the body of any -- grow this afternoon and adding to the tornado damage torrential downpours caused this massive sinkhole. And as these stores -- east they're bringing flooding from Illinois to New Jersey and even another tornado in South Carolina. From New York City lightning striking the Freedom Tower and in the Bronx. -- rain delay at the Yankees Red Sox game real. Real quick. The home team nearly jumped out of the dugout and and the visiting Red Sox. Meanwhile out west dry conditions and fueling wildfires. The power house fire is nearing containment after burning more than 30000 acres. And evacuations ordered for this one just west of Denver Colorado. And this part of the nation just can't seem to take a break the forecast for the next 24 hours calls for more severe weather. Thunderstorms hail and yes possibly. The threat of another tornado.

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{"id":19316223,"title":"Assessing Tornado, Flooding and Wildfire Damage","duration":"2:07","description":"Alex Perez tracks the latest weather news across America.","url":"/WNT/video/storm-develops-gulf-mexico-19316223","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}