Storm Slams 24 States

Half the U.S. plagued by severe weather, including snow, hail and tornadoes.
3:00 | 02/24/12

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Transcript for Storm Slams 24 States
We're less than a month away from that first day of spring but for any of you -- -- hope that the worst to winner has already passed mother -- message today is who are you kidding. Tonight a single master storm has 24 states nearly half the country and its grip. And it is fierce hurricane strength winds hail snow even tornadoes. As -- -- on the air that brutal weather is bearing down hard on the south. ABC's meteorologist ginger -- is tracking it -- for us tonight. 5 wins and how am I lashing southern states. -- -- The monster system that plowed through the Rocky Mountains is now pummeling the eastern half of the country. A barrage of large hail from Alabama to Georgia people in North Carolina -- had enough after sixty miles per hour winds blew through. In Columbia, South Carolina a tornado touched down. Close by winds up to fifteen miles per hour brought this street crashing into an apartment building. Rescuers had. High winds fanned the flames of this inferno in Tennessee. Firefighters struggling to keep it contained. The storm slammed the midwest this morning dumping more than six inches of snow in Michigan shutting down schools and making roads impassable. It's it's -- -- it's a real wet heavy snow also let's -- build probable and it but the roads are real -- right now. More than eight inches of snow fell in Chicago causing -- -- on the highways shutting down airports and stranding passengers. The -- stinks what do you do it's. Will be out there hopefully in a few hours and we'll -- 85 and sunny weather and he has will be sucking. -- -- -- The threat still exist tonight for severe weather let me show you which area and needs to be alert this evening. Anywhere in southeast Virginia through eastern North Carolina and just a sliver. A far northeastern South Carolina said George this is -- Isolated tornadoes. They'll -- hail and damaging winds -- -- but the rest of the weekend. The rest of the weekend is looking a lot better as far as severe weather -- but what we do want to see is win and want to tell you about this because from anywhere from Cleveland to New York City. Upstate New York. We're talking 405060. Mile per hour wind -- so if you are not weighed down or if you've got trees power lines or anything outside that patio furniture. That could go flying and become projectiles during your static -- until flying to continue thanks for much.

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{"id":15787447,"title":"Storm Slams 24 States","duration":"3:00","description":"Half the U.S. plagued by severe weather, including snow, hail and tornadoes.","url":"/WNT/video/storm-slams-24-states-15787447","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}