Student Loans: Debt Generation

U.S. college graduates owe $950 billion in loans.
3:11 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for Student Loans: Debt Generation
We want to tell you as well it tomorrow Washington is going to tackle an SOS from six million Americans. Listen to this figure college students now of 950. Billion dollars. In student loans and that's more than the entire credit card debt in this country. Somebody broke back home with mom and dad before they even get started. And thousands of you wrote us with your story so ABC's David -- decided to dive more deeply into what can be done. More than a thousand of Houston this year with three words graduate drowning in debt will -- parents back in their old rules again. There was this graduate nearly 25000. Dollars in debt. Just getting started paying it off this graduate 70000 in debt will never end. And this young woman 100000 in -- move back home. Something we heard from so many view. Graduate Ashley -- took us into were Dallas bedroom this -- my around the same -- she slipped in before she went to college the -- Dresser. The only being different pile of bills. At least it's actually graduated from UT Austin about 70000 in debt. Should -- 750 dollars a month which is why she's back with the family dog. -- dad. With mom who just like she used to asks her college grad. If she'll be home at a decent hour and -- kingdom alone but still living down the hall. One recent survey of issues college graduates revealed 85%. Saying they -- moving back home. Five point nine million young adults 25 to 34 now live at home. -- 25%. In just the last four years. You can talk to people in this generation who find themselves in a place they never expected to be. 456. Years at a school and back in the bedroom they had in high school. The president and first lady of spoken often of the student loans -- -- -- still paying them off nine years into their marriage until just a few years before He was president. But the amount to students did in this country is up dramatically college tuition spiking just as young graduates are unable to find work paid off. We're seeing this tremendous debt which weighs down these young people especially -- economy like this were so many of them are having trouble getting on those first steps of the escalator. And beginning a career. There was 26 year old Carolyn Reilly who simply said spirit not broken sheet to now lives back with her mother. And her brother also a college graduate whose back home she's 109000. Dollars in debt she's paid off 6000 so far. Who doesn't want the American dream and I'm not even talking about living in a mansion and were all just want. A nice paying job or we can pay our bills. Kiss from mom before -- off for the day to -- when she was a little girl now grown up but back home. Just like Ashley back in Texas saying simply still have hope. And tonight we are learning more about that SOS Diane mentioned a new plan from President Obama to help college students reduce their monthly payments. Consolidate federal student loans and lower interest rates to request the numbers right here tomorrow night. And asked the big question Diane -- help any of the people He just met there are or its work and still having hope very moving thing.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"U.S. college graduates owe $950 billion in loans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14813655","title":"Student Loans: Debt Generation","url":"/WNT/video/student-loans-force-generation-debt-14813655"}