Some Students Rebel Against Healthy School Lunches

New mandate to help fight obesity leaves one school feeling unsatisfied.
3:00 | 09/26/12

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Transcript for Some Students Rebel Against Healthy School Lunches
Now we turn to an uprising in the school cafeteria. Schools say healthy lunches man dated under federal guidelines leaving them hungry. The new menu is supposed to help fight obesity but the kids are fighting back with a song and raising questions what's enough. We want to know what's happening with the lunches they're getting. Jim avila has more. It's a lunch roomrevolt. ♪ I need to get some food today ♪ students and teachers at this kansas high school creating eye viral video pro tefth of the new callie-cutting menus in their cafeteria. They say they're just not getting enough to eat. ♪ We are hungry ♪ Reporter: Their complaint new usda school lunch guidelines, limbing cal trois fight obesity epidemic among the america's youth. The new nutritionist recommended rules resplikt elementary scholars to 650 calorie, 070 for middle school and 850 for high school. Today you may find pizza, chicken nuggets and french fries you now half of each place must be filled with vegetables and fruit plus milk and fruit smoothie. In some schools the amount of food thrown out is shocking. Reporter: This month we visited a school in suburban chicago where high scholars analyzed their lunch. Shocked to find 46 boxes of pears. The week before all 111 vegetables served were thrown away. Schools tell us they've seen the 50% of increase in lunch in dash. Too healthy almost. Reporter: The usda says the new menus are working in some schools and rules are long overdue. This is about our children and health of our children and making sure we do a good job providing low fat dairy and whole greens. Why? Because they're at risk of being obese. Reporter: Despite the calorie limbs students can get seconds of fruit and vegetables. The challenge for america's lunch lady is get the kids to eat it. Jim avila, abc news, bristol, There was a kind of miracle

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{"id":17333846,"title":"Some Students Rebel Against Healthy School Lunches","duration":"3:00","description":"New mandate to help fight obesity leaves one school feeling unsatisfied.","url":"/WNT/video/students-rebel-healthy-school-lunches-17333846","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}