Students Recount Experience During Oklahoma Tornado

Survivors discuss what happened to them during the storm.
1:46 | 05/21/13

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Transcript for Students Recount Experience During Oklahoma Tornado
You just mentioned the searches until nightfall. We saw moments before we came on, rescue teams coming through this neighborhood yet again. They've made a public promise, three times, every home. They're not giving up on anyone here. And off in the distance over my shoulder, the elementary school where there was so much loss of life. They will search there as well until the end of today. In the meantime, the hero teachers being applauded in this community, but we can't forget the children, their bravery, really something too. I was on the ground and i just -- my ears just went beeepp, and I couldn't hear anything except cracking and kids screaming. My mom just covered me and she just grabbed on to something and kept me safe. Cinder blocks and everything collapsed on them. But they were underneath, so that kind of saved them a little bit, but I mean, they were trapped in there, teachers tried to hurry up and get them outside because a gas leak happened. It was just debris. There was just cars beat up. If my mom and dad are still alive, they'll take me up to a hotel until our house gets rebuilt. Reporter: Just heart breaking to hear that, the mom and dad had taken the day off, fearful they had been lost in the tornado, but they were reunited later in the day. I can tell you, all the children we've met in this community, they're helping their families pick up the pieces in these homes. Resilient. They have been taught at an early age what it's like to keep on in the face of such disaster. And I got to say the teachers who say the children who heard those twisters come in, asking for their moms and the teachers who said, I never want to have that responsibility, to feel that again, needing to get those kids back to their parents, but that's exactly what those teachers did, diane.

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{"id":19229113,"title":"Students Recount Experience During Oklahoma Tornado","duration":"1:46","description":"Survivors discuss what happened to them during the storm.","url":"/WNT/video/students-recount-experience-oklahoma-tornado-19229113","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}