How Much of the Super Bowl Is Made in America?

David Muir looks into sourcing behind elements of the big game.
3:56 | 02/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How Much of the Super Bowl Is Made in America?
We are on the field -- the Super Bowl 48 hours until cop because we wanted to know how much at America's biggest game is made by workers here at home. -- we found something made overseas we issued a challenge to the NFL and ABC's made in America quarterback David Muir joins us right now. It passed from you tonight Diana -- so much as talked about with which team is gonna win on Sunday -- we wanted to know about the American workers winning behind the scenes how much more can we get. That will be made in America -- in the field on -- Just in time for the Super Bowls and. Precise question all of view about what they did America -- giant -- Stayed in Nicaragua. I'm from Glendora New Jersey writing and how many of these team jerseys are made -- the good old USA. He consensus video editing back fifteen years to find one made in America. -- from Glenwood Minnesota. I challenge all professional teams. Take care items in the -- And then there was Tammy. Calling at the NFL herself. -- Gordon and Laura. So we decided to look for answers to and some of them Tammy is going to like Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis the -- for Sunday's Super Bowl showdown. -- just 465. Miles south Calhoun Georgia 350 employees. At all important point loss for them. Iman -- in Melbourne Florida the official quoted the NFL 150 employees turning at 101000 point. The middle of the -- to -- -- great -- all American. -- to the trophy. -- Lombardi trophy made in Parsippany New Jersey like Tiffany and company the team of 25 looking since September. And crafting this that a fourteen -- of sterling silver but before either team -- their hands on this they have to handle this. -- football made -- 80 Ohio. 4000 -- made every day here 700000. Each year. Have some kind of robot is something that there's this thought things that people. And -- about -- the players have bought 90% of the helmets and C and a field aided America many of them by so exports in Litchfield Illinois. 750 workers and they say America has the edge because of the science that goes into the helmets the test. In what about their uniforms Tom Brady Eli Manning turns out they're made in Berlin. Berlin Wisconsin. Family owned since 1949 it's written lists and new hires fest this year uniforms custom tailored for every player breaks down to the centimeter. But here's the big catch what about the rest of us the jerseys we -- by the stores. NFL licenses their name and about 135 different companies have paid to do use it racking -- three billion in sales and about. Half of those products made overseas. So we went to the NFL asking would they consider giving preference to souvenirs and jerseys made in America. Answer yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- American classic outfitters and airy New York there waiting for your call making 1000 uniforms a week they sued the NFL hired them they could hire 400 -- importance. And so what we don't know who'll win the Super Bowl on Sunday there are already some letters to people behind the scenes. Making so much of what you see on Sunday right here in America and. That's -- -- from the challenge on the field to the challenge of the NFL to make more here in America when it comes at -- souvenirs and Diana wanted to see this. This is the real Tom Brady Jersey. An exact prototype from Britain in Berlin Wisconsin and this is what most of us by the -- much bigger this -- -- -- -- the centimeter this was made in Korea so if we can just shift the balance a tiny -- you saw that one company there. Could hire 400 new workers -- a follow up we'll follow your gonna let us now. A lot to cheer about much -- and even.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"David Muir looks into sourcing behind elements of the big game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15510244","title":"How Much of the Super Bowl Is Made in America?","url":"/WNT/video/super-bowl-2012-made-america-series-david-muir-sourcing-behind-big-game-business-15510244"}