Super Bowl Commercials Already Viral Hits

First look at this year's best ads that are stealing the show.
3:00 | 01/26/14

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Transcript for Super Bowl Commercials Already Viral Hits
Finally tonight here, the other game playing out on super bowl Sunday. The best ads, the funniest ones. And tonight here, our first look. Back are the animals, and when Arnold schwarzenegger said "I'll be back," something like that, he meant it. As much of America zips up another layer this week, Arnold zipping up for something else. Surprise! Reporter: He's starring in a new bud light ad, stretching out for the super bowl. They're not revealing what he'll serve up. There's a reunion in store, but turns out, they've been living together since we last saw them. The dads of "Full house." Don't you think it's time we all get our own places? Nah. Reporter: And then there's the boss, who is clearly not happy. Someone has eaten all the doritos in the break room. ♪ I've narrowed it down to you two. Well, obviously it was the ostrich, right? Reporter: While Lawrence fiurence Fishburne bangs on that TV, corporations are paying a lot to be on it. A 30-second ad this year costing $4 million during the super bowl. Animals always making an appearance. This Sunday, going to the dogs. Then, the yellow m&m, peanut m&m, someone out to get him. Sleepy time. Reporter: They're hoping you'll care enough to find out how he's doing on super bowl Sunday. And a first. America, on February 2nd, apparently two professional football teams will be playing a game in honor of my first wonderful pistachios commercial. We'll be there. Won't we, girl? Stephen Colbert making an appearance super bowl Sunday.

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{"id":22101019,"title":"Super Bowl Commercials Already Viral Hits","duration":"3:00","description":"First look at this year's best ads that are stealing the show.","url":"/WNT/video/super-bowl-commercials-viral-hits-22101019","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}