Super Saturday

Twenty-five gold medals were up for grabs, as Serena Williams and the 'Blade Runner' make their mark
3:00 | 08/04/12

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Transcript for Super Saturday
And meantime, to london we go. For the olympics this was a super saturday. 25 gold medals at stake. Michael phelps taking one of those. Beaming after winning 18th gold and 22nd medal. He said it's his last race ever. We turn abc's jeffery kofman part of our own london team. Reporter: Michael phelps did it one final time with the japanese leading in the 4 by 100 medley, he jumped through the pool and tore through the water like a power boat. Securing another olympic gold for team usa, and his 18th olympic gold. The greatest olympian of all times insists this was the final race of his career. U.S. Women also won gold in the 4 by 100 meter medley and set a new world record. Team usa now has 30 medals in the pool for swimming and the future looks equal wally promising. The buzz is about katie ledecky. She won gold. And serena williams celebrated with screams and a dance, and why not? Williams became only the second woman in history to win the so-called golden slam. Four major titles and olympic gold. For sheer inspiration, south africa's oscar pistorius won the day. The double amputee made history running on carbon fiber blades. And qualifying for the 400 meter semifinals. This entire city has a serious case of olympic fever. Even the usually demure london bobbies can see seen cracking a smile. Despite pre-olympic chatter about crowd, chaos and transportation nightmare, it has been, so far, a flawless summer games. Even reporters get coopted into the spirit. If you were giving the organizers of the games a medal. What would you give them? Gold, gold, gold. Those who live here can't help noting after three months of constant rain even the london weather is cooperating. This is day eight of the 16-day games. Call it hushed jubilation at the halfway point. It is all so far going very

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{"id":16931609,"title":"Super Saturday","duration":"3:00","description":"Twenty-five gold medals were up for grabs, as Serena Williams and the 'Blade Runner' make their mark","url":"/WNT/video/super-saturday-16931609","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}