Supercommittee Failure Could Mean Tax Hike

President Obama calls on Congress to solve debt deal.
2:27 | 11/22/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Supercommittee Failure Could Mean Tax Hike
-- -- politics your voice your vote and 24 hours after the super failure of the super committee. President Obama called on congress to act before a tax hike for a 160 million Americans -- and but the president wasn't the only one throwing punches today he took a couple two from one of his top rivals and some Occupy Wall Street protesters. Here's ABC's White House correspondent Jake Tapper. -- -- -- Obama came to first in the nation primary state New Hampshire today. But he could hardly get a word out before Occupy Wall Street protesters interrupted him. I appreciate you guys -- -- your point. Let me go ahead make mine -- and -- -- and I. President was there to talk about the need to extend the payroll tax cut. Set to expire at the end of the year the taxes of a family making 50000 dollars a year will go up by 1000 dollars right after Christmas. And -- members of congress acts. And they can't. To protect the middle class tax hikes and you've got -- and the -- Make sure the -- Tell them don't -- rich. It's an area where there is some bipartisan agreement but not for how the president wants to pay for the tax cut and extending unemployment insurance benefits. By tax increases on corporations. And wealthier Americans. -- non starter for Republicans. The impasse is frustrating news for social worker Donald Brando of Massachusetts. Out of work with a new baby. If they don't -- lots of people will be cut from -- safety nets. And we're already having trouble I can't imagine what it would be like with out that now. The president was also greeted in New Hampshire today on the airwaves by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's first TV ads featuring this quarter. -- -- -- But that's still out of context his boss here's the whole context of what then Senator Obama said in 2008. And staff is actually is and I quote if we keep talking about the economy were going to lose. The Romney campaign insists they were not trying to mislead voters they're merely trying to use. President Obama's own words against him turning the tables now that he's in charge of the economy George and -- thing.

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{"id":15011146,"title":"Supercommittee Failure Could Mean Tax Hike","duration":"2:27","description":"President Obama calls on Congress to solve debt deal.","url":"/WNT/video/supercommittee-failure-tax-hike-15011146","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}