Supreme Court Reviews Affirmative Action

Decision to be made whether colleges can consider race when admitting students.
2:20 | 02/21/12

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Transcript for Supreme Court Reviews Affirmative Action
The Supreme Court agreed to take another look at one of those highly charged issues of race and fairness specifically affirmative action. Whether colleges can consider race when admitting students. ABC's Terry Moran is our veteran -- of the Supreme Court and he's on the story tonight. In 2008 -- Gail Fisher like thousands of young Americans applied to college specifically the University of Texas at Austin but Texas turned her down. And for only one reason she and her supporters claim because she is white. Your skin color or ethnic heritage should not be used as something that you benefit from nor should -- be used that something wrong. That harms you. The University of Texas uses a student's race as a factor in some admissions giving minorities an advantage all in the name of achieving greater diversity in the classroom. It's something colleges across the country do Lawrence Summers former president of Harvard says it's absolutely crucial that admissions committees take -- student's race. And more important economic background into consideration. We do not want this to be the generation. -- in which America's leading universities. Became both whiter and richer. At the Supreme Court affirmative action hangs by a -- in 2003. The justices by the narrowest five to four vote. Upheld the university of Michigan law school's affirmative action policy with justice Sandra Day O'Connor casting -- crucial vote. O'Connor is gone now replaced by conservative justice Samuel Alito who's a lot more skeptical of racial preferences -- justice Clarence Thomas. Who has long believed those preferences do more harm than good. Stigma times people like him telling ABC news once it is assumed that everything you do achieve -- because of your race there is no way out. And Terry is up the court tonight when they -- decide this -- Well -- every argument up here this fall a decision by the summer of 2013. And -- and while this case focuses specifically on affirmative action in higher education it could affect affirmative action in hiring government contract in other areas. Because just -- that great case of brown vs board of education. Focused only on.

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{"id":15761494,"title":"Supreme Court Reviews Affirmative Action","duration":"2:20","description":"Decision to be made whether colleges can consider race when admitting students. ","url":"/WNT/video/supreme-court-reviews-affirmative-action-15761494","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}