At least 9 swimmers confirmed dead from flash flood in Arizona

There was no warning as the flash flood was triggered by torrential rain; the search continues for missing swimmers.
2:57 | 07/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for At least 9 swimmers confirmed dead from flash flood in Arizona
And good evening. Thanks for joining us on this Sunday. I'm Tom llamas. We begin tonight with a deadly flash flood tragedy in Arizona. With rescue operations ongoing, and the weather threat not over yet. Eight swimmers are confirmed dead, at least two of them, children. After flash floods tore through a popular swimming spot. Some survivors airlifted for treatment. Two still missing tonight. And new flash flood watches across Arizona. As monsoon season batters the southwest with powerful thunder storms packing high winds and heavy rain. More on the forecast with rob Marciano in a moment. But we begin with the new developments. Here's Kenneth Moton. Reporter: Fast-moving waters sweeping away a group of swimmers in northern Arizona. Trying to rescue this guy and his 1 month-year-old baby. Reporter: One woman capturing the horrifying moments on camera. There's the son. And the mom is in the water. Reporter: Water, mud, trees and debris rushing down the mountain. Flooding the creek below. Finally got rescuers on site. Reporter: At least eight killed, two children. Four rescued. But tonight, the desperate search for two more, still missing. One of the witnesses said he looked up and saw a wall of water coming toward him. Reporter: Choppers scouring the rough terrain for survivors. The flash flood triggered by torrential rain. Beating the windows of this waterfront restaurant. That blinding rain, bending trees, sending people running for cover. When it rains up here, it really pours and knocks down trees. Reporter: This dust storm near Phoenix, packing 40-mile-per-hour winds. Visibility, less than a quarter of a mile. This land spout tornado, tearing across the highway. Tonight, the search continues for the missing swimmers. We're told the wall of water was more than six feet high, rushing at nearly 30 miles per hour. Tom? Our hopes and prayers for those missing. Kenneth, thank you. Let's bring in rob Marciano. We're getting into monsoon season. This will continue for the next couple of months. Heavy thunderstorms throughout the afternoon. Flash flood watches through tomorrow night for Arizona especially. And nearly 50 wildfires burning right now. You mentioned firefighters lost ground on one of the biggest ones yesterday. Where does that stand tonight? The Whittier fire, same containment as last night, but it has grown. Red flag warnings out for much of California. The heat will shift east, and we'll see dangerous heat from St. Louis to Kansas City. A couple of disturbances across the northern tier and the northeast. Could see damaging winds and large hail from western Pennsylvania to New York. Rob, thanks.

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{"id":48672952,"title":"At least 9 swimmers confirmed dead from flash flood in Arizona","duration":"2:57","description":"There was no warning as the flash flood was triggered by torrential rain; the search continues for missing swimmers.","url":"/WNT/video/swimmers-confirmed-dead-flash-flood-arizona-48672952","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}