Down Syndrome Player Becomes a Star

Sharp-shooter David Andrews and his team won the county championship.
3:15 | 02/21/12

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Transcript for Down Syndrome Player Becomes a Star
I know we've all heard about Jeremy Lin who came off the bench and showed the world a star. But now you're gonna meet someone else who was also put into a game as a kind of afterthought and what he has done. In so many waves gives even more to cheer about ABC -- Tommy -- in suburban Memphis Tennessee. From the three point line David Andrews can -- -- 40% of the time he makes the shot statistically better than LeBron James and most of the NBA. Pretty good I think you'll get a -- -- -- by. At his high school outside and then there's the coach of his freshman team wasn't so sure -- took -- at first because he has Down syndrome. And they were trying to hold -- a near perfect record this season. I would have kids come to -- saying coach when -- -- and then again. This was the game with the team had a good enough lead in the coach finally put David -- he gets the ball and takes a shot from the corner and sports. And just as the crowd is losing its mind the -- what plan and warming the bench all year long scores again. He was now playing in every game. A few nights later he was starting the game. We have always sort of -- and credibly with the that god that making a mistake. David and his team went on to win. County championship. And today they were honored -- At their school for their excellence. Is right -- -- online games. -- -- -- -- -- How to claim to have more and more attention -- and that's all right but. Keeping they've been wanting the best decision -- -- All year we did good my -- yeah. Steve -- on the ABC news Germantown Tennessee.

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{"id":15761771,"title":"Down Syndrome Player Becomes a Star","duration":"3:15","description":"Sharp-shooter David Andrews and his team won the county championship. ","url":"/WNT/video/syndrome-player-star-15761771","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}