Syracuse Scandal: Accused Coach

Assistant basketball coach fired in light of sexual abuse investigation.
3:13 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for Syracuse Scandal: Accused Coach
And now another big college sports program rocked by a sexual abuse scandal until this weekend. An assistant basketball coach at Syracuse University appeared to be weathering the accusations against him -- He was fired on Sunday after telephone tapes with his own wife changed everything. Mark Schwartz of our sister network ES PM but powerhouse ESPN broke this story and he reports for us tonight. After Syracuse University fired associate head basketball coach Bernie fine. ESPN. Contacted his alleged victim Bobby Davis by phone. He told us I appreciate the university doing the right thing. It means a lot that Bernie will not be in position to use his power to hurt little kids like he hurt me. Syracuse fired five after 36 year coaching stint. Accused by Davis and his stepbrother Mike -- of sexually abusing them while they served as ball -- for the team. As far back is 1978. At first Syracuse head coach Jim behind fiercely defended his longtime -- have been friends for fifty. News. ESPN's outside the lines obtained an audiotape. Which Bobby Davis recorded legally in 2002. Mobile phone conversation. He had with fines wife Laurie on the tape. Laurie -- says she knew about the alleged abuse. He would pick up and everything people -- it. -- -- eager to get -- but here. These latest allegations of sexual abuse claim the job of yet another college coach after similar charges at Penn State. And recent allegations of coaches sexually abusing Olympic swimmers. And journalists. It's fair to ask just how prevalent sexual abuse has become. In this nation's locker rooms. This is a watershed moment Penn State Syracuse the other's stories that are out there. For us to look at these coaches look at these institutions and find out what's going wrong because clearly. Something's going wrong. And where does this end mark good work breaking this story of a salute to ESPN but. Give us a sense are you hearing about other young man now about to come forward. Well Diane eight years ago when we first met Bobby Davis. He told us he strongly suspected that others were abused by Bernie fine he identified some of these individuals we spoke with them. None of them would corroborate the story. While eleven days ago in the wake of Penn State his stepbrother 45 year old Mike -- -- corroborate the story because of the nature of this crime. Child sexual abuse many victims because of shame. And other reasons are afraid to come forward. And don't do so Diane -- mark's work back to morning and mark Schwartz -- yes PM thank you.

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{"id":15043887,"title":"Syracuse Scandal: Accused Coach","duration":"3:13","description":"Assistant basketball coach fired in light of sexual abuse investigation.","url":"/WNT/video/syracuse-scandal-coach-accused-15043887","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}