Syria braces for possible US attack

The Foreign Ministry in Damascus denounced President Donald Trump's threat to attack the country as "reckless" and a danger to international peace and security.
2:59 | 04/12/18

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Transcript for Syria braces for possible US attack
Meantime amid those tweets fromsident trump warning of ssiles coming, U.S. Officials late today confirming Syria's military is now repositioning me of aircraft. ABC's chief global aff correspondent Martha Raddatz tonight on what could be coming. Orter: A missile attack on Syria now appearsevitable, with that missile warning from the president. Those smart Iles, satellitided precision weapons poised to launch from the air and the sea. Ths. And britaave could have submari in the mediterranarmed with mahawks, but T is a U.S. Stroyer L with mahawks Aly t.french warship is off Lebanon's coast, and french aircraft couaunch from anthe britisfrom Cyprus. We stanadrovide MILI options, if they are appropriate, as the president determin Reporter: Those options from striking chemical weapons storage to airfields to syri bashar Al assad'silitary and headquarters. Assad wiven a war a ago.he didn't heed that warning, and so the president is going to tack in wit something that's going to make mof an impression on Mr. Assad. Orter: Assad has denied his forces carried out that horrific chemical at, but today, images osted by activists on Twitter said to show an unexplodedrel bomb, which a man wearing a gas mask id contained chels. But the U.S. Has also pointed blame for ese attacks on Russia. Russia was the framework arantor ofoving all the chemical weapons, and so working with our alland partners, omato to qat and elsewhere,are going to address this issue. And ma raddaith us live tonight from Washington. D Martha, word tonight that Syria, as I mentioned there, is no movingom of its aircraft from somf its bases in anticipatif any possible attack? R: It lks that way, Davi they're repositioning T warplanes and theia military is movin I a nsive posture. Meanwhile, European officials are warning civilian aircraft to be cautious when flyingear Syria use O the possible missile strike David? Marthddatz, thank you. And Ano big qion tonight, will Russia carry through on itseashoot any missiles down? C's Longman is in the region tonight us. James? Reporter: Davgrowing quons tonight about how Russia will react he U.S. Bombstslly, Syria. The Russian ambassador her Lebanon sayit his country will shoown American missiles and target R launch S. The Kremlin todit repeat that THR saying instead that ion could lead T the gravest of con conences. And analystsnt out that a U.S. Strike would aim to avoid Ian air defense systems in the are nevertheless, with ameri troops also inside ern Syria fighting ISIS, potential fordirect contact between the two sides could being closer. Da James Longman from Beirut gh

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"The Foreign Ministry in Damascus denounced President Donald Trump's threat to attack the country as \"reckless\" and a danger to international peace and security.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"54404441","title":"Syria braces for possible US attack","url":"/WNT/video/syria-braces-us-attack-54404441"}