Syria Crisis Puts Pressure on UN

Syrian activist risks life to document Assad's bloody crackdown on protestors.
3:01 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for Syria Crisis Puts Pressure on UN
Cry for help from Syria as the United States ponders what this country should do thousands of people tonight. Reported to have been killed by the forces of their president Bashar Assad. These pictures putting pressure on the UN and the US to do something but -- ABC's global affairs anchor -- -- -- -- right now stand. And the subsidy right every single day -- now we hearing more of these cries from help from inside Syria bend outcries and for now though the US administration is trying to figure out. How to ratchet up diplomatic and economic pressure against us. The better approach could get -- as each day brings new -- especially to the city of homes which has borne the brunt of this massive escalation. Homes -- six. Every day activities -- -- Diane. It. The -- -- textiles risks his life to document the harm happening in this city. Of more than one and a half million people the -- that. His -- that helps the center of the rebellion against president -- Now hundreds sold -- -- sides on the hundreds of being killed and many hundreds more injured over the last week. But doctors say it's not even safe to send them to hospitals because Syrian police sedan so -- -- -- secret field clinics. Doctors treating the injured themselves subject to arrest this is one of the few who's willing to -- his thing -- a we cannot do anything -- this man he says he needs a hospital he's dying. He and his colleagues work without anesthetic sutures -- blood supplies. I signed says that his country's. -- -- terrorists but doctors say Los suns rockets and eighteen civilians. Even children. Streets are deserted civilians -- hiding from the relentless assault. Danny is sheltering on the ground. We don't want medication we don't want food. But we often -- -- hard -- get rid of the shooting down of this get enough. And that message is finally being heard of the -- Senator John McCain wants the US and its allies to explore sending medical technical. And even military aid to the rebels we ought to explore all of those options because some massacre -- out. And it's getting worse. And so Senator McCain says though that that does not mean American boots on the ground he's very serious about trying to figure -- a way of helping these people -- but is there -- tipping point at which the US is forced to do something as -- -- Libya what I think. If there is much more escalation if this -- bombardments and if these people can actually try to figure out a safe area. And if that is able to be protected by United States that my book. Perhaps the US sources discussing with the UN recognizing the opposition. As the legal and legitimate government -- -- getting tougher and tougher as these pictures come and thank you --

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{"id":15551421,"title":"Syria Crisis Puts Pressure on UN","duration":"3:01","description":"Syrian activist risks life to document Assad's bloody crackdown on protestors.","url":"/WNT/video/syria-crisis-puts-pressure-15551421","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}