Syria Hears From Assad's Wife

President Assad's British-born wife responds to continuing bloodshed in Syria.
2:52 | 02/07/12

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Transcript for Syria Hears From Assad's Wife
Syria again tonight a country in chaos has more images of president -- forces unleashing a torrent of attacks against his own people appear. And now our son's wife once seen as a forced possibly for modernization has spoken out she once lived in America worked on Wall Street. So what did she say about those deadly scenes here's ABC's global affairs co anchor. Christiane Amanpour. QU TK is a tale of two CT in the capital Damascus streets filled with government supported. -- center of the rebellion streets deserted. To venture out he's too risky and. This road. It's a dangerous because of the left of this road -- this -- on having been. The children -- homes hiding from the government shells in the basement. The first lady of Syria comes from this city but residents -- -- and they'll get no help from. Malden and glamorous born and educated in England us Mossad was once considered a voice of moderation in the Middle East. But today the first words attributed to -- since the rebellion. A simple statement from her office saying the first lady's supports her husband. -- leaders reacted with anger honing her a hypocrite for tolerating her husband's brutality. President Assad today welcomed Russia's top diplomat who's trying to resolve this war. Russia and China had vetoed a UN resolution condemning the Syrian government which boasted the Syrian regime and more violence against the rebels. They have the tanks. We just have guns has this rebel -- Residents of homes say they're not safe even in their homes. Three days of constant shelling -- -- -- killed hundreds. But what people feel most are -- -- tanks. BBC reported to have smuggled into the city says he has already seen some of them. And tragically this intolerable bloodshed looks to continue and even to escalate planned so what is the US talking about doing we know their voice is now important voices that Senator John McCain saying that they should arm the rebels all the -- there should be -- no -- there were no drive zone against the tanks. But administration officials who I've talked to say that is not in the concert they're not -- about military. Intervention of any kind what other options on what even though it looks like diplomacy hit a dead -- -- the UN this weekend they're still trying to work the diplomatic route. Trying to get friends of Syria in a coalition to step up pressure on -- And says the White House -- even to taking humanitarian aid are sending humanitarian aid to the rebels but so why hasn't worked and these pictures coming in -- just awful. Watch thank you -- him.

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{"id":15534352,"title":"Syria Hears From Assad's Wife","duration":"2:52","description":"President Assad's British-born wife responds to continuing bloodshed in Syria.","url":"/WNT/video/syria-hears-assads-wife-15534352","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}