Syria Violence: Al Qaeda Joining Rebels?

Foreign fighters join rebellion against Assad's regime; suicide bombings increase.
3:00 | 08/06/12

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Transcript for Syria Violence: Al Qaeda Joining Rebels?
killed by the lightning. Nine other fans were injured. Overseas where bashar al assad in syria is under collapse. The prime minister escaped to jordan with at least two other cabinet members but as assad lieus his power, some are are gaining on the allies. Alec marquardt is inside syria. Reporter: Traveling across syria, we met many young fresh men who have joined the rebellion. Army defectors, men who say they refuse to fire on their own power. In one town, we met three brothers, they are fighting a chicken farmer and a baker. Each has his own family. How can we watch all of this happen and not fight for our dignity and freedom? He told us, they're shelling us every day. We have to fight this oppressor, and we don't care if we die. But there's a much more ominous presence now in syria, too, that has many in washington worried. Foreign fighter, mostly religious fundamental lifts streaming in and takes up the fight. We headed out to find some of them. Instead, led by that car right there, they found us. They were heavily armed, so we hid our camera. Well, that was interesting, we were stopped by a van full of what were clearly fundamentalist fighters, they stopped our cars. THEY HAD AK-47s. They were clearly not happy to see us. We got out of there really fast. Along with the arrival of foreign fighters is something even more worrying. The growing number of suicide bombers is evidence that al qaeda is here as well. The infamous black flags. Many reject the groups like al qaeda. Traveling the country it becomes clear that syria is becoming more kay ychaotic. It's clear the rebels are controlling a lot of territory right now. I know you've been speaking with a lot of officials in the region. What is the biggest national security worry right now? It's really the chemical weapons stockpile. Syria has one of the biggest stockpiles of chemical weapons in the world. Sad who lose control of his weapons. We spoke to israeli officials who told us they have prepared plans to intervene in syria so they don't fall into the hands of groups like hezbollah and al qaeda. Thanks. Now we go to london and the

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{"id":16943345,"title":"Syria Violence: Al Qaeda Joining Rebels?","duration":"3:00","description":"Foreign fighters join rebellion against Assad's regime; suicide bombings increase.","url":"/WNT/video/syria-violence-al-qaeda-joining-rebels-16943345","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}