Syrian Troops Open Fire on Funeral Mourners

Latest assault on civilians made during President Assad's violent crackdown.
1:47 | 02/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Syrian Troops Open Fire on Funeral Mourners
Gunfire and screams filled the capital of Syria today is heavily armed troops opened fire on mourners at a funeral. It is the latest brutal assault on civilians by the government of the -- aside and ABC's Alex mark court reports this evening from the Syrian border. Where the sounds captured today tell the story. As this yield fell in Damascus today huge crowds of mourners marched to within two miles of the Presidential Palace. -- grief turning to anger. Then. Gunfire from security forces. Protesters scramble for cover. In the central city of homes residents a tank shells are raining down on them too -- garages already blamed for hundreds of deaths. The residence we spoke with today say the siege is only getting worse yeah. It comes it -- -- this news. No surprise. -- -- -- At the violence grows so does the number of Syrians -- 101000 live in six Turkish refugee camps. Mohammed Abed Al -- Hobbs fled to Turkey last summer with his wife and daughter as tanks moved into his city. Now Saif Mohammed has -- -- supplies into Syria. He says they spend all day and night watching what is happening in their country had an emotional dean physically we're here but our hearts are back in Syria he says -- our biggest problem is the psychological torture of Mohamed and millions of Syrians are pleading for the world to stop the bloodshed. While the sold -- I still have hope the world will mobilize he says if there's no foreign intervention there will be no end to this conflict. It's unlikely that Turkey and Iraq the world will intervene any time soon leaving these areas to ask how much worse they're going to get.

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{"id":15745051,"title":"Syrian Troops Open Fire on Funeral Mourners","duration":"1:47","description":"Latest assault on civilians made during President Assad's violent crackdown. ","url":"/WNT/video/syrian-troops-open-fire-funeral-mourners-president-assad-violent-crackdown-politics-15745051","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}