Syrian Violence: The Battle In Aleppo

Bashir Assad's forces clash with rebels in Syria's largest city.
3:00 | 08/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Syrian Violence: The Battle In Aleppo
Overseas now, and what could be a decisive showdown inside syria, the city's largest city there. Signs that rebels may be on the hopes. After a pummeling from president assad's forces. Abc's alex marquardt is here with us tonight. We're going to talk to him in a moment. But first, his report on what's happening on the ground in aleppo. Reporter: A week ago tonight, we were having dinner with young rebel fighters heading for aleppo. Hope and excitement were in the air. Significance of taking syria's city was lost on no one. What happens after you capture aleppo? "If we take aleppo, we take all the cities, down to the capital." They grabbed their weapons and headed out into the night. Today, the battle raged. Assad's forces, on the ground, then in the air, trying to force the rebels back. The battle for this city lines at the heart of the rebel's plan to take down president bashar al assad. It is unclear tonight who has the upper happened. But parts of the neighborhood were reduced to rebel, sending families to search for the injured. One rebel commander says they won't give up an inch. "We're staying here until our deaths," he said. "We either prevail or we die here." It's a determination we saw firsthand in the fighters we met, as well as the children. Outside aleppo, we met this 7-year- 7-year-old. He sang us a popular chant. "Bashar al assad," she sings, "you have fallen." It's important to know that assad still has the support of a good I a mount of the country. A lot of it coming from aleppo itself. But if aleppo, which is essentially syria's new york city, were to fall, the rebels would deliver a crippling blow to the regime and, george, it could spell his end. Very good work in syria. Great to have you back here. Thank you, alex. And we head to london

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{"id":16963259,"title":"Syrian Violence: The Battle In Aleppo","duration":"3:00","description":"Bashir Assad's forces clash with rebels in Syria's largest city. ","url":"/WNT/video/syrian-violence-battle-aleppo-16963259","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}