Taking on Putin

President Obama draws a line, saying NATO countries will be defended at any cost.
3:00 | 03/26/14

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Transcript for Taking on Putin
Thank you, Neal. Other big news today. President Obama hurled a verbal rocket at Vladimir Putin. He said we're not in altogether cold war, but they should not think they can go against a nato nation. Here's Jonathan Karl. Reporter: In a solemn reminder of the costs of european wars, president Obama laid a wreath in honor of Americans who died to liberate Belgium during world war I. This hallowed ground reminds us that we must never, ever take our progress for granted. Reporter: Later, the president accused Russia of threatening the order that has kept the peace in Europe for 70 years. Russia's leadership is challenging truths that only a few weeks ago seemed self-evident. That in the 21st century, the borders of Europe cannot be re-drawn with force. That international law matters. Reporter: While he said the Ukraine crisis cannot be solved militarily, the president also drew a line, saying nato countries, including those nervously on Russia's border, will be defended at any cost. In that promise, we will never waver. Nato nations never stand alone. Reporter: Today, a leading Russian politician responded to president Obama's statement yesterday that Russia is just a regional power, saying, quote, "Russia was, is, and always will be a global power. Meanwhile, the Russian troops tonight to mass along Ukraine's border.

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{"id":23075132,"title":"Taking on Putin","duration":"3:00","description":"President Obama draws a line, saying NATO countries will be defended at any cost.","url":"/WNT/video/taking-putin-23075132","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}