Tanning Salons a Risk?

Video reveals salon employees enticing young customers.
2:25 | 02/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tanning Salons a Risk?
Here's a surprising fact we learned today there are more tanning salons in America -- there are Starbucks. It is a huge booming business but -- members of congress warned today. That it is also built on massive deception. We're going to show you some ABC news tapes of salon employees luring kids under those dangerous red hot laps. And ABC's Jim model has the story. It's part of the come on promises of a safe tan indoors under the lights. David being outside it's that you got a sunburn. It wouldn't -- yet. This 20/20 investigation caught on tape exactly what congress said today is happening at 90% of the salons they investigate. Blatant denials that these tanning machines can be harmful in fact most falsely claimed indoor tanning is actually good for you. It produces a lot of vitamin -- It's about -- tanning beds are brightly lit cancer causing coffins plain and simple. In fact indoor tanning under the lights -- the World Health Organization is just as dangerous as inhaling asbestos swallowing arsenic or smoking. In America melanoma is the leading cancer killer for women in their twenties. Deadlier than lung cancer it was terror. -- -- and started hitting the salons during -- high school years in Ohio. Competing with friends for best -- eventually going to -- three times a week before melanoma struck. Leaving her with a lesion on her thigh did you think it was safe the. One salon owners for that he had -- that would not cause skin cancer. Not true and nearly two years ago the FDA's own experts along with pediatricians and dermatologists. Recommended a ban on indoor tanning for minors. But the -- lobbyists have spent nearly a half million dollars sense defending the industry's health claims and so far no FDA action. By not acting the FDA is allowing young people to. Be exposed to an agent that causes cancer today the. Industry said most of its workers are trained not to over claim. But critics say no matter what your told at the -- Can't -- -- and every day and you just can't ten to eight times in one day. There is no safe indoor -- A lesson Becky consultant who no longer leaves the house without a floppy hat learned the hard way -- -- ABC news Washington.

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{"id":15493687,"title":"Tanning Salons a Risk?","duration":"2:25","description":"Video reveals salon employees enticing young customers.","url":"/WNT/video/tanning-salons-putting-kids-risk-15493687","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}