Taxpayer Waste: $18 Billion Listed

ABC News' Jon Karl tallies the biggest tax payer waste in a Political "Pork" Round-Up.
3:00 | 10/15/12

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Transcript for Taxpayer Waste: $18 Billion Listed
And up next tonight a reality check about taxpayer dollars and how congress spends them. Tonight, abc's jon karl brings us an exclusi first look at a report which shows 100 ways in which congress is still wasting nearly $18 billion in taxpayer money. Jon has our washington watchdog tonight. Reporter: Chances are, when you think "nonprofit," you don't think the national football league. After all, the nfl pulled in more than $9 billion last year but the league calls itself a nonprofit organization and avoids paying some $40 million in taxes every year. We have some of the biggest corporations in america paying no taxes whatsoever. You know something is wrong with the code. Reporter: The nfl loophole is just one of the examples in senator tom coburn's new "wastebook 2012 report" on government waste. There's the $325,000 squirrel robot. It looks so real, it can fool a rattlesnake. The million dollar martian menu. Nasa has no planes for a manned mission to the red planet, but it is spending nearly $1 million a year researching the kind of food to eat there. And the lake murray airport in oklahoma, just one flight a month, but it gets $150,000 a year from the faa. The oklahoma airports commissioner told us the only reason he keeps it open is to keep getting federal dollars he uses on other airports. Is there anybody in the world who would say, "no, thanks, government. We don't want this money"? Reporter: Senator coburn says his report is proof congress, despite all the talk, is still wasting as much money as ever. Congress refuses to make hard choices. Reporter: The wastebook lists congress itself as a waste of money. No major accomplishments this

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{"id":17486096,"title":"Taxpayer Waste: $18 Billion Listed","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Jon Karl tallies the biggest tax payer waste in a Political \"Pork\" Round-Up.","url":"/WNT/video/taxpayer-waste-18-billion-listed-17486096","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}