Teacher Donates Kidney to 1st Grade Student

Mrs. Painter donated a kidney to Matthew Parker who is back to school in second grade.
1:09 | 09/03/15

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Transcript for Teacher Donates Kidney to 1st Grade Student
"America strong," a teacher you met right here and her gift. Reporter: Perhaps you remember the sign we showed you outside Mrs. Painter's class, improving the world one child at a time. Inside that window, she's doing just that. One of her first graders at the time, 6-year-old Matthew parker only getting to get twice a week. He needed a kidney transplant. His first didn't work. Mrs. Painter among the many who was tested and her kidney was a match. You've heard so many times people say it would be like a needle in a haystack. When I went in to be tested they kind of prepared me for the fact that I most likely would not be a match. Reporter: But she was. Hand in hand in that school hallway she was about to take the journey together with Matthew. We love doing stories on teachers. We think they're the unsung heros in America, but you really are going above and beyond the call. Well, I guess I am. But I'm happy to do it. Reporter: Happy to do it. And with the new school year starting, just look at who got off the school bus today. Matthew, back to school and back on track. In second grade now but thanking that first grade teacher who taught us all a lesson about what it's like to give. Love seeing Matthew. Way to go Mrs. Painter. We'll see you right back here

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{"duration":"1:09","description":"Mrs. Painter donated a kidney to Matthew Parker who is back to school in second grade.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"33495145","title":"Teacher Donates Kidney to 1st Grade Student","url":"/WNT/video/teacher-donates-kidney-1st-grade-student-33495145"}