Tech-Savvy Teen Sells App to Yahoo! for $30 Million

Nick d'Aloisio, 17, created smartphone app Summly while studying for exams.
1:50 | 03/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tech-Savvy Teen Sells App to Yahoo! for $30 Million
hobby is actually a highway to genius? What if it leads it a multimillion dollar pay day and he's still in high school? Abc's cecilia vega asked his parents to help crack the code on raising a teenage prodigy. Nick d'aloisio's road to success started with a simple book his parents gave him. I was given a book about how to program for dummies. Reporter: Nick took that book and in his london bedroom, taught himself to wroit computer codes. By the way he was just 12. By 15 he created an app. Now at 17 the computer wiz with the boy band looks sold that app toia -- yahoo abc news's partner. For millions. We caught him at the airport today by skype of course he says growing up like any other kid. I played video games. I had a ps3 that wasn't really my main focus I think I always like creating things. Reporter: He's been called a prodigy, a boy wonder, but for one woman nick is one thing son. We always cueing at the apple store for the latest. He always wanted that. Reporter: He got that macbook but his parents used it as a teachable moment. I remember we made him sign a contract at that young age, to say what he was use it for. Reporter: He was soon writing programs that baffled his parents. We always supported him in what he wanted to do even though we didn't quite understand it. Reporter: So, what's the secret to raising a genius? I just trusted in him. He's only 17. He's just keep climbing that mountain and he'll keep achieving. Reporter: Nicks mom says the best is yet to come. And we are so glad you are

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{"id":18818434,"title":"Tech-Savvy Teen Sells App to Yahoo! for $30 Million","duration":"1:50","description":"Nick d'Aloisio, 17, created smartphone app Summly while studying for exams.","url":"/WNT/video/tech-savvy-teen-sells-app-yahoo-30-million-18818434","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}