TED Chef on Food of the Future

Chicago chef brings new ideas about tricking taste buds to TED conference.
3:01 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for TED Chef on Food of the Future
-- like to introduce you to a bold new American thinker whose ideas may change the world and tonight -- Chicago chef. Who says we have to think about food in the future and a whole new way how our eyes fool our tongues. He was a star at the conference of big new ideas better known as the Ted conference -- when I was in the windy city. I stopped in to see what's cook it. Think of it is part kitchen part super futuristic high tech laboratory. Welcome to the world of -- come to that's him with the devilish grin. -- June -- is behind one of Chicago's most sought after dinner reservations motel restaurant. Where even the menus. On the menu. After you -- take a bite it's credible Paper on a cracker -- -- like peanut butter and jelly. People pay. It's premium -- a restaurant because it's good that they're never gonna see anywhere else. And now take a close look at the juicy rare hamburger filled with unhealthy fat. Remember in this kitchen nothing is what it seems just. And the but it and make it out. He's gulps corn Barley and -- to have the exact texture of meat. Nothing like those drive veggie burgers and the beat -- -- that looks really rare. And what about the artery clogging cheese on the nachos. -- in fact a fantastic mango this also strawberries and -- -- meant just for fun he asks me to eat this dirty old cigar snuffed out in an ashtray. Looks like a. Tomorrow the front guidance -- -- -- -- -- at Philadelphia -- that looks like a Phillies cigars but. In fact his artistry he's -- -- a serious purpose. Recently on the stage -- head count to wowed the audience asking them to -- into a brawl lemon. They were stunned that it tasted like the sweetest -- lemonade. He did it by first having -- put a little pill on their tongues made from a wild -- grown in West Africa. It's -- -- the miracle Berry and looks like a long cranberry. Inside the mysterious protein that tricks the taste buds so if you -- minute after you put it under time. I just go ahead -- that women. They can -- lemon and. No calories no chemicals and in a world facing an epidemic of diabetes -- wonders what this could replace the craving for something sweet. And in a world in need of food what -- starting with that very. Could make shrubs like tactics and even some grasses that are bitter but nutritious. Turn into something everyone loves to -- And you get yourself a -- They could actually be prepared from your backyard depending on where you -- votes -- In his kitchen anything possible. As one American chef -- -- -- -- a whole new way of fifteen. About the future of food. -- -- -- --

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{"id":15398806,"title":"TED Chef on Food of the Future","duration":"3:01","description":"Chicago chef brings new ideas about tricking taste buds to TED conference.","url":"/WNT/video/ted-chef-food-future-15398806","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}