Are Telemarketing Calls to Your Cell Phone Driving You Nuts?

Tips to fight back and stop robo-calls that may even be against the law.
2:33 | 07/29/14

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Transcript for Are Telemarketing Calls to Your Cell Phone Driving You Nuts?
And tonight, consumer groups are about to release their annual report of the top ten consumer come flauplaints and one of the biggest are the tell markets calls that keep coming. We've learned that rob calls to your cell phone are often illegal. ABC's Matt Gutman tells you how you can fight back and possibly make money doing it. Reporter: The unwanted calls come in by the millions every day. Anywhere from five to six per day. They call morning, noon and night. Reporter: Driving the Waites of bellview, Florida, crazy. You called this phone number about 200 times. Reporter: A debt collector's rob call. 204 of them bombarding then 17-year-old heather Waites' cell phone. They started calling two or three times a day. Reporter: Thing is, heather had no debt. Zero. I shut the phone off. Reporter: 68% of cell owners receiver at least some unwanted calls. A quarter of them say it happens several times a week. What most don't know is that these kinds of calls to cell phones are illegal under federal law. And rob callers face a he Ty penalty. They could owe you $500 to $1,500 for every unwanted call. The Waites' called lawyer Billy Howard, who had made suing the collection companies his specialty. There are hundreds of thousands of people that are going through this exact same thing. They just don't know their rights. Reporter: Some famous cases have reached up to $600,000. And there are thousands of these collection companies. We tracked down the one calling heather Waite. Go Gorden beck is the C.O.O. Of diversified consultants inc, already sued 100 times this year. We keep records of everything. And although there is human error, we do our best every single day to make sure things like that do not happen. Reporter: Human error due to sheer volume. Companies like diversified that make over a million automated calls per day to what they think are landlines, but some are actually cell phones. Beck admits there are mistakes, but he says it's hard to tell landlines from cell phones. But it's not intentional. Reporter: What if you were called three times a day? If I was called three times a day and I didn't want it, I would pick up the phone and say please stop calling me. Reporter: The Waites did that, but the calls kept coming. Reach one of these phone calls is worth 500 bucks at least. How does that feel? Well, we're both excited. Reporter: It was now their turn to collect from the collection agencies. Matt Gutman, ABC news, bellview, Florida. And don't miss Matt's full report tonight on "Nightline."

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{"id":24765545,"title":"Are Telemarketing Calls to Your Cell Phone Driving You Nuts?","duration":"2:33","description":"Tips to fight back and stop robo-calls that may even be against the law.","url":"/WNT/video/telemarketing-calls-cell-phone-driving-nuts-24765545","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}