New Terror Threat: Shoe Bombs

Acting on new intelligence, the US government is warning airlines to be on the lookout for shoe bombs.
3:00 | 02/19/14

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Transcript for New Terror Threat: Shoe Bombs
is a new terror warning, and this one is the kind of fla flashback to a fear from the past. Acting on new intelligence, the U.S. Government said airline security should be on the lookout for explosives concealed inside shoes and cosmetics. The details are still streaming in, and ABC's senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas brings us up to date on the very latest right now. Reporter: Tonight, homeland security officials are warning airlines that explosives hidden in shoes and other improvised bombs are an active, ongoing threat. ABC news has learned a new bulletin warns that terrorists are building shoe bombs, designing liquid E mroexives and explosives hidden in cosmetic containers to target commercial international flights. No specific plot has been identified, but the new intelligence, developed from credible overseas sources suggest that the bomb makers are fixated on these efforts. It certainly tells that you Al Qaeda is stl fascinated with taking down planes. Recently had a footoothpaste scare. Now we're going back to shoes. Reporter: The through threat comes just two weeks after a toothpaste threat. The new concerns over shoe bombs arise roughly 12 years after Richard reed was caught on board a u.s.-bound international flight trying to light his shoes. The shoe bomb containing a powerful plastic explosive could have taken down a plane car rig 197 people. Here's the damage I could have caused. The incident changed airline security forever. And to this day, when U.S. Passenger goes the airport, they almost always have to take off their shoes so they can be x-rayed. But only weeks ago, congress held hearings on whether tsa's continued concern was overkill. Everything we've done is in reaction. Take off your shoes, that was a -- the liquids. It's all -- reactive. Pretty soon we'll be going through naked. Reporter: I'm sorry, go ahead. I was going to ask you, given the inkon veconvenience, do you think we're going to see heightened security tomorrow morning? Reporter: Sources are telling me, look, they will do business as usual, but you may see additional security because law enforcement officials want to show, have a sign of force that they are taking this very seriously. Seriously, but again, ranking it in terms of the intelligence, the specificity of the intelligence? Reporter: Right. This came from credible sources and they wanted to get this out to airlines as quickly as possible and to the tsa so everyone would be on notice that the terrorists are still thinking about these plans to take planes out of the sky. All right, Pierre Thomas reporting in again. Our justice department correspondent.

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{"id":22591491,"title":"New Terror Threat: Shoe Bombs","duration":"3:00","description":"Acting on new intelligence, the US government is warning airlines to be on the lookout for shoe bombs.","url":"/WNT/video/terror-threat-shoe-bombs-22591491","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}