Texas Teen Caught Living in Walmart

A 14-year-old boy was caught living in a 24-hour Walmart near Dallas.
1:05 | 08/13/14

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Transcript for Texas Teen Caught Living in Walmart
Our instant index here tonight and an end to the mystery of the white flags replacing the American flags on New York's famed Brooklyn bridge. Tonight police saying they believe two German artists claiming they secretly swapped them for fun calling it art. Tonight concern over the handling of those flags, artists reportedly saying they folded them the way they were supposed to. But is that any excuse? It's unclear tonight if arrests are coming. Police say 14-year-old boy was caught living in a 24 hour Walmart near Dallas, he hid in the aisles behind stacks of products, he had made a makeshift bed. Ate food from the shelves. The boy was visiting relatives when he disappeared, took two days before anyone noticed he had been hiding behind toilet paper and baby products. And you heard about the one, the one about the bear in the truck. The big surprise waiting behind the wheel. We have seen it again. Waiting for a work crew in Colorado, a black bear in the front seat. The crew had gone into lunch. The bear went to eat lunch in their truck. No damage. But he did help himself to a sandwich. What a surprise?

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{"id":24972077,"title":"Texas Teen Caught Living in Walmart","duration":"1:05","description":"A 14-year-old boy was caught living in a 24-hour Walmart near Dallas.","url":"/WNT/video/texas-teen-caught-living-walmart-24972077","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}