Thai people not giving up hope

Images from rescue of Thailand soccer team inspiring hope around the world.
1:30 | 07/08/18

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Transcript for Thai people not giving up hope
And finally tonight, the images we won't forget. Y of us all around the world watching aaiting. Th boys and eir coach, and the brave rescuers, tryingbring themll home. We're coming. Reporter: This he moment inspired pend a sense of urgency. The wild boars soccer team and their coach. Confused and scared, but alive. Thabandoned bicycles spng a desperand difficult search. Weched their parenay after day, never giving up hope their sons would be returned. Theiwavering faith Kee vigil outside the ne those boys were found alive,rgizing have rescuers who hail from over the world. Despite ngers theyed and the ifice it demanded, -- bring the boys home.toelthat four E safe. As those waiting for more ne onto thosmessages from the boys. Wrten from inside the cave on notebook paper. Dom writ "I'm doing fine," only 13 years old. But showing his resilience. And from his teammate pong, a message to his parent "Don't worrym safe. I love you all." The whole world watching, and hoping for continued success. Wel haven updatese ??? What are the odds? ??? ??? So you feel it as well. ??? ??? One in a mil. ??? ??? What are the odds our love would grow,

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{"duration":"1:30","description":"Images from rescue of Thailand soccer team inspiring hope around the world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"56444611","title":"Thai people not giving up hope","url":"/WNT/video/thai-people-giving-hope-56444611"}