Thanking all moms on Mother’s Day

Check out some unique ways mothers were thanked and celebrated.
2:27 | 05/11/20

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Transcript for Thanking all moms on Mother’s Day
They are the doctors, nurses, health care workers on the front lines from day one. Moms like Cindy pascalo, her daughter, Jessica debrocke, also became a nurse, inspired by what she saw in her mother. Both of them now working together in the icu at Chicago's northwestern memorial hospital. They are the educators and now at-home substitute teachers, going above and beyond. Moms like Luciana lira, a teacher in Connecticut taking care of the newborn baby brother of one of her students while his family recovers from covid-19. I'm so glad I heard that mom calling me and asking for my help. Reporter: They are the ones waiting in long food lines to feed their families. Moms like Herminia urmatan in Hawaii, showing up five hours early to get food for her family of 12. Other mothers in the community reaching out to help her after hearing her story on our affiliate, KITV. I know how important it was for you to feed your family and go out so early. I'm good. I'm good, all this, thank you, I'm good. I'm so excited! Reporter: Moms like Donna molina in New Jersey, staying strong during these tough times. She gave birth to a baby girl, Harley, three weeks ago. Donna testing positive for covid-19, spending three weeks away from her daughter. But this week, they were reunited. Oh, my god! She's so tiny. They did an emergency c-section and that's the last thing I remember. Here we are, together, two survivors. Reporter: And you may remember mom Christine Haines, who early on, with her husband, Lawrence, both of them E.R. Doctors, had to make a tough decision. Sending their young daughter and son away to stay with family. Telling us how hard it was being separated. We try not to let them see us so much break down, especially if they're breaking down at the same time, but as soon as we end that call, it just breaks my heart. Reporter: But today, on this mother's day, they sent us this video. Oh, my goodness! Reporter: The best gift of all for this mom. Reunited after months apart. Glad they're back together. A big thanks to all the moms who help put on this broadcast and a very happy mother's day to my mom and my wife. They've had to put up with a

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"Check out some unique ways mothers were thanked and celebrated.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"70607518","title":"Thanking all moms on Mother’s Day","url":"/WNT/video/thanking-moms-mothers-day-70607518"}