Thanksgiving Gift Staten Island Residents Won't Soon Forget

Thanksgiving dinner for Slater Boulevard residents.
2:13 | 11/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Thanksgiving Gift Staten Island Residents Won't Soon Forget
Sharyn alfonsi, thank you. The holiday comes, then the shopping, but we cannot forget it was just two weeks ago that hurricane sandy hit. And with so many americans visiting new york during the holidays, we learned the statue of liberty will be closed for the rest of the year because of damage from the storm. And there are the families that live here, still puttiheir lives back together after the hurricane. Tonight, abc's ron claiborne along for the ride with volunteers determined to let those families know, they haven't been forgotten. Reporter: On a street corner on staten island, volunteers put out a thanksgiving day spread. Nothing elaborate. Turkey burgers, pumpkin pie, some cookies. For the people here, it was a feast. You want to eat some burgers? Reporter: Most people on this storm-battered street still have no power in their homes. No heat, no gas. So, a group of volunteers from a church in new jersey brought the holiday to them. This is a privilege. It's like putting the giving back in thanksgiving. Reporter: Slater boulevard was slammed by what people call a tsunami. House is gone. Reporter: A 15-foot high wall of water that left the first floors of every home uninhabitable. This family lived in this house for the past 32 years. They spent today combing through debris, looking for the cherished art facts of their lives. This was your wedding china? Used to be. Reporter: I'm thankful that we're still here. I'm thankful for so many people that came here to show us love and support. Reporter: For the many people still reeling from sandy's assault, like this family, there were gestures of support today, often from complete strangers. Like courtney wood of new jersey, who opened her home to a family with nowhere else to go. She found them through a special facebook page called "a place at the table. Kws ". I would love to be able to offer a hot meal, a house filled with love and I can't imagine not doing this. Reporter: You know, talking to people here on slater boulevard, even among the awfulness and the haunting memories of what happened here. On this day, they said they were grateful for the food, which was welcome, but more than that, that people who they had never met in their entire lives cared enough to come.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"Thanksgiving dinner for Slater Boulevard residents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"17789192","title":"Thanksgiving Gift Staten Island Residents Won't Soon Forget","url":"/WNT/video/thanksgiving-gift-staten-island-residents-forget-17789192"}