Two -Thirds of the Country Under a Blanket of Snow

Snow, sleet and freezing temperatures make travel difficult; more than 1,000 flights canceled.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for Two -Thirds of the Country Under a Blanket of Snow
snowy december night and we are pretty much in it together because two-thirds of america is now blanketed by snow or sleet and freezing rain. And once again travel plans torpedoed from virginia to maine, more than 1,000 flights cancelled tonight. The map says it all, only six of the lower 48 states in the united states are now free of snow. Abc's meteorologist ginger zee is out tracking it all for us. Reporter: From today's sloppy mess along the east coast to the week long deep freeze for so many in the west -- it's really cold. Reporter: Almost every state in the nation asking where did autumn go? These two systems are meeting up over pittsburgh. The heavier snow across massachusetts. Reporter: We're getting an arctic blast lasting for days, from virginia to southern new england up to a half foot of snow fell. The burst of beautiful winter transforming into a troubling commute. As you get closer to new jersey the roads got worse. Reporter: More than 80 car accidents just in connecticut, hundreds of schools closed. In massachusetts the slick roads sending this plow through a pole and into a pond. At dulles international the parade of plows trying to clear over two inches. Weather has been a big issue at the airports this week. More than 6,000 flights cancelled across the country since sunday. Along with that below average temperature in california, dangerous winds. The trailer was off the ground. I have a co-driver with me and it's not worth our life. Reporter: In chicago, fans survived the bears game in the coldest temperatures for this date in 18 years. Our alex perez put the temperature to the test. Reporter: We took one of our t-shirts, put it in water and hung it outside and within 15 minutes this is what we got, stiff as a board. Reporter: D.C. Shut down, many people staying home. Lisa from alaska made her way in the snow. It's wetter than it is white. Reporter: If you didn't have to drive, it was winter wonderful. The first of many snowmen and know dogs in what feels like an already long whip of winter. Here we go. Coast to coast, 32 itself would seem balmy. Let's talk about how far from average we're going to see. The number on this graphic is going to be four below. That would be a high in minneapolis. The box next to the number is the departure from average. So it's 32 degrees away from what is average in minnesota. You see dallas right there and DIANE, IN THE EAST COAST, 20s Through the end of the week. I'm going to need a hat like this and so will you. Thank you so much, ginger.

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{"id":21170410,"title":"Two -Thirds of the Country Under a Blanket of Snow","duration":"3:00","description":"Snow, sleet and freezing temperatures make travel difficult; more than 1,000 flights canceled.","url":"/WNT/video/thirds-country-blanket-snow-21170410","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}