Thousands Line Up for Black Friday

A look at the most anticipated sales event of the year.
2:41 | 11/24/11

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Transcript for Thousands Line Up for Black Friday
Many stores opening this evening the earliest start ever to Black Friday. Up to 152 million people plan to shop over Black Friday weekend expected to spend an estimated 465. Billion dollars the good news. That's up nearly 3% over last year so much is on the line -- retail making up 15 of the American economy so who is in line tonight. After we asked ABC's Linda Davis to find out she's in New York's Herald Square tonight outside the -- -- -- happy Thanksgiving that the. Happy Thanksgiving David Black -- receives represented ten person and the what American. Retailers are banking on in November. And now Thanksgiving is trying to get a piece of the action it all across the country today we saw people willing to put off -- For deal. It's one. Loss or stuffing Turkey I purchased for televisions. -- around 500 pounds. The early birds were stuffing shopping carts was it worth it if it was. -- -- -- Given that unemployment is high in consumer confidence is slow. Retailers are in a cutthroat competition for your holiday dollars and that's why they're opening even early than in years past. They believe that there's a limited amount of money in everybody's wallet and they can tap that money sooner. They're gonna win Thanksgiving Day is now the savvy shoppers Black Friday. You have to worry about the crowds pushing shoving. We -- looking for some of the best deals out there this holiday weekend. Best buy which opens at midnight. Has one of the best door busters around a 42 in sharp flat screen TV which would typically sell for as much as 600 dollars. Now marked down to 200 dollars and electronic store Fries a mr. coffee coffee maker that would normally set you back about twenty dollars. Now costs about as much -- -- cup at Starbucks and 40% off everything in the hip clothing store express until noon. And how about an online only deal on consumers' dot com. 30% off your clothing quarter plus free shipping with coupon code gobble for Eddie Bauer. And -- for Lands' End. More people are expected to do just that. Linkedin click their way through -- shopping season all online sales are projected to surpass fifty billion dollars for the first time. -- we are expecting a crush of people here in just a few hours Macy's opens up nationwide at midnight Toys 'R' Us opens up at 9 PM. And Wal-Mart at 10 PM so -- -- -- -- you know it lights. I think pick it up for him. I'm an in million a list right now Lindsey Davis on the economy tonight thanks for the offer Lindsay.

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{"id":15025218,"title":"Thousands Line Up for Black Friday","duration":"2:41","description":"A look at the most anticipated sales event of the year.","url":"/WNT/video/thousands-line-black-friday-15025218","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}