Thousands Return Home as California Wildfires Ease

Calmer winds and cooler temperatures help in fight against Southern California fires.
1:22 | 05/05/13

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Transcript for Thousands Return Home as California Wildfires Ease
-- an early start to the wildfire season tonight at major change though in the weather a temporary reprieve. And those firefighters -- to -- -- that some of the nearly 2000 in that fight finally getting a break conceded there wiped out. After that fire tripled in size in just one date tonight -- welcome news it's more than 60% contained at this hour the crews remained on the line and they are vigilant. And that is a Smart things as our meteorologist Andrew Z because as she's been telling -- night after night here this is just a -- -- Write a short term six for the weather when it comes to the fire at least a clinic in venue for the first part of the week got great news going into Monday. Here's what you can expect in that wild fire area. Cannery -- only 64 degrees -- have clouds even a few scattered showers a lot of Southern California had one of their driest starts to the year. Looking better and until about Wednesday Thursday and really -- feast or famine in this country tonight because they're getting soaked in the part where they don't need it I wanna get straight to the pictures because they're pretty incredible out of Jacksonville Florida is where we begin. Look at that tables covered in water homes now over ten inches of rain close to Jacksonville Florida and Atlanta and now these -- -- new pictures sell sell -- and drenched that trees are coming over roads into people's cars and homes. And it's not over. As a very slow moving system watch -- low as it tracks off this is through Tuesday. Roanoke now some of the mid Atlantic getting in some of the heaviest rain and it -- not quite done yet.

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{"id":19114781,"title":"Thousands Return Home as California Wildfires Ease","duration":"1:22","description":"Calmer winds and cooler temperatures help in fight against Southern California fires.","url":"/WNT/video/thousands-return-home-california-wildfires-ease-19114781","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}