Tim Tebow Discusses 'Tebowing'

ESPN's Hannah Storm talks with the Denver Broncos quarterback.
2:45 | 02/04/12

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Transcript for Tim Tebow Discusses 'Tebowing'
On the eve of the Super Bowl the super star player who won't be there but -- one particular move on the field has made him a national phenomenon. Hannah Storm for mark cable partner ESPN one on one with Tim Tebow tonight. And how he pressed for anxiety before any -- game. He's only 24 years old but in just his second season in the NFL Tim Tebow has become much more than just a football star. He's become a phenomenon. You -- down. With. Now known -- Tebow in. You know for me that's just it's and it's a good opportunity -- public -- from Begin in the humble myself and think the lord rather -- -- he has. Put in my life justice getting need. Shows humility and shows that you're putting something else or someone else first. So it's not so much a message that you're sending out to the millions of people who are watching on TV number one. It's different person conversation between lord but then. You lost so it's it's not being ashamed of my faith I -- this year it's kind of caught out of it more just a little. What do you think of that I think just that their prayers being talked about it's pretty cool for you Wear your. Variants and to get excited and look forward things get anxious and it pronouncements as well to get a little over hyped her. What -- games teams' seasons whatever it is. And yet. Before game's most people listen and its music him. -- centralized. -- announcer Michael player -- com and casting -- before. Games that can come down does that work. Sometimes. And had a stormed this now here on the desk in new York and it's always good to see you in person and what struck me there Frank Sinatra -- -- you know. It's so funny because you figure this as a guy is almost perfect right like Mary Poppins practically perfect in every way but he said he does have this anxiety. Everybody else is -- crazy music any Yasser ramped down a little bit and you actually. If you watch him during games -- -- singing hymns. To himself to calm down to Yeltsin told you at six years old -- he dreamed of being in an -- quarterback. -- it -- pretty cool because and you look at the dual missions of his life when he was five living in Florida in -- brother got carried out to rip tide. And it lifeguard came and rescued them he felt that -- a lifeguard have the power. Of the lord went home and told his mother that he went to welcome Jesus and it was -- so people had to be a quarterback since he was six and he has lived for almost two decades. These dual missions and he lives -- and walks the walk every day. Faith and football this time -- thanks so much for being with us here tonight and it's gonna have much more her conversation with Tim Tebow. A special Super Bowl edition of Sunday NFL countdown on ESPN. It's tomorrow morning 10 AM right there and our people partner.

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{"id":15514887,"title":"Tim Tebow Discusses 'Tebowing'","duration":"2:45","description":"ESPN's Hannah Storm talks with the Denver Broncos quarterback.","url":"/WNT/video/tim-tebow-discusses-tebowing-interview-2012-denver-broncos-quarterback-entertainment-15514887","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}