Tebow to Be Replaced by Peyton Manning?

Denver Broncos speak to recently released Indianapolis Colts star quarterback.
1:28 | 03/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tebow to Be Replaced by Peyton Manning?
We're gonna -- out of the mystery in the sports world tonight are two super star quarterbacks loved by their fans. Now vying for the same spot it was just this week after that neck injury that emotional goodbye from Peyton Manning after being cut by the Indianapolis Colts take a look. Thank you very much from the bottom of -- work. -- -- -- Powerful moment this week and that private plane that brought him to Denver to talk with Broncos executives. But wait that's -- quarterback Tim Tebow became a star this past season leaving the team of the playoffs his faith his fame. Rocketing into the cover all those magazines and so -- -- -- -- -- ESPN anchor Hannah Storm -- has been working her sources on this all weekend -- so what's the -- -- and Peyton Manning's -- was down. Well ESPN is reporting as many as a dozen teams that -- sort of first now there a couple of front runners the Arizona Cardinals and the Denver Broncos were run by another hall of fame quarterback John Elway. Peyton loves that and the fact that that without the team with the playoffs last year but you talked exclusively we've Tebow and his camp today how's he feeling about all you. Might be worried right he's upbeat as always you can almost hear the smile come. Through the fall of this is its first full offseason to work out is that working out twice a -- virtually. Nonstop wants to build upon the team's success doesn't sound like a guy -- wants to leave so is there room for both of them -- -- that you're most popular quarterback the NFL on the same team in New Jersey sales alone and -- -- them both and yes if there's anyone that can comment. And not ruffle feathers it will be paid -- -- the -- -- on the bench and perhaps. Even a -- in the --

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{"id":15899248,"title":"Tebow to Be Replaced by Peyton Manning?","duration":"1:28","description":"Denver Broncos speak to recently released Indianapolis Colts star quarterback. ","url":"/WNT/video/tim-tebow-replaced-peyton-manning-denver-broncos-free-agent-indianapolis-colts-entertainment-15899248","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}