Tim Tebow's Denver Miracle

Is faith behind the Broncos' "miraculous" victory and winning streak.
2:13 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Tim Tebow's Denver Miracle
He is the football phenom everyone is talking about tonight Denver bronco quarterback Tim Tebow. Making magic with one astounding comeback win after another. He's an evangelical Christian and the waking kneels in prayer has become a sensation all around the world with people. Even pets so -- doing that Tebow ABC's Dan Harris has the story. By any earthly yardstick Tim Tebow is at -- and mediocre NFL quarterback in fact he had one of the worst passing records in the -- For most of yesterday's gains got -- And his throws were wobbly. Billingsley nobody in the -- worse for the runs. And yet in the final minutes Tebow in the Denver Broncos hold -- us come from behind victory. There's six in a row a streak even nonbelievers are calling miraculous. Yes first of four satellite event my -- savior Jesus Christ in his post game press conference Tebow made clear who he thanks for this victory if you believe. -- are unbelievable thinks can sometimes be possible while Tebow has passed here says god is the reason for this winning streak. Tebow has never claimed that and anyway it's tough to prove. However scientists say -- those secret may be something else. Look at this play after the receiver didn't areas Thomas missed that -- Tebow gave him some encouraging words. And look at his press conference where he gives credit to everybody else I think you -- -- -- made -- look a lot better than I am research shows the most compassionate people like Tebow are more effective that motivating others better than say the bosque who yells. What this new sciences altruism in cooperation is finding is that highly cooperative. Other oriented compassionate empathetic individuals. There are teams perform better -- organizations are healthier. -- -- -- south contains lessons for all of us remember that receiver he encouraged in the fourth quarter he scored a touchdown. That turned the game around. Dan Harris ABC news.

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{"id":15141911,"title":"Tim Tebow's Denver Miracle","duration":"2:13","description":"Is faith behind the Broncos' \"miraculous\" victory and winning streak.","url":"/WNT/video/tim-tebows-denver-miracle-15141911","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}