Tips to Cut Down Phone and Internet Bills

A team of experts provide tips to lower these expenses and save money.
3:00 | 01/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tips to Cut Down Phone and Internet Bills
Next tonight our real money team is back because -- told us we're all reeling from those Internet and phone bills and in fact in our world news -- Nearly half what you said cutting these bills down is a top priority. ABC's Lindsay Janice now gets a team of experts to help everyone do it Lindsey. Diane as he said one of our top priorities for 2014 blasting those household bill. Tonight we're here in Texas with a family looking to save money and we got the ultimate insider to help them do it. Monica and -- Sawyer from Corpus Christi, Texas faced a Texas sized problem any free time the bills -- we have a discussion and all the time about -- -- gonna save money mean to cut here and there cable Internet electricity phones it's. All piling up. Nearly half of American families revealed by that brand new real money poll. They think they're over paying for those expenses. We're just like a -- a really good tax expert that. Saves you money when you file your taxes except we do with your monthly bills sent here now are his team of -- experts analyze your bill. Then call companies on your behalf and negotiate. Splitting the savings they get with -- safety fifty for the first year. They wouldn't let us reveal all their trade secrets but gave us a few tips they say will work if you want to try going at it alone. Tip number one. -- off peak times like early morning they're less busy and more likely to spend time negotiating with you tip number two go to the bill line by line with what he and undermine 15 moral line and ask first this fake discount instead of general ones tip number three. Get money you cited by using their name and encouraging that can't and I -- I appreciate your doing -- and finally hit number four. If you're not having luck -- -- and call back start over with a new agent. But Monica and Ryan it's the moment -- I -- -- has become uncomfortably. Let's just say I'm excited to tell you how much we were able to think we are you ready. And 1493. Dollars and three cents that it than me. 15100 dollars are badly -- and Diana our insiders that's being spent a lot of money to gain new customers within their interest to keep you happy and loyal. -- -- be able to get discounts without changing providers. You have to ask and -- Knightley and right thank -- -- and tomorrow take the real money fast food challenge with us. Is it really faster and cheaper than at home how to cut the dinner bill in half and save time tune in tomorrow.

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{"id":21616707,"title":"Tips to Cut Down Phone and Internet Bills","duration":"3:00","description":"A team of experts provide tips to lower these expenses and save money.","url":"/WNT/video/tips-cut-phone-internet-bills-21616707","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}