Tips to Selling Your Used Car

Follow these expert tips to sell your own car for the right price.
3:00 | 10/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tips to Selling Your Used Car
It is real money tonight our ongoing series on ways to put thousands of dollars in your pocket and last week. We showed you how to add thirteen 4000 dollars to the value of the family home. Tonight we turn to selling your car the market is booming. And about 37 million used cars are sold every year so can we show you ways to raise the value again. Here's ABC's Sharon -- Ponzi. -- -- -- -- New baby in the car seat it's pretty clear -- sports car. Asked to go where the person is jovial spirits but you are offered in 4000 dollars but -- thinks the -- worth more. So he's doing what so many of us have to do he's going to try to sell it himself. He's including -- listing it online but two months later how many calls appear. 000. Calls this is critical so we brought in on its -- Brian moody they've got it right. He's doesn't start -- the obvious cosmetics the cooler into the trees is a week ago and the junk in the truck. Even that KG key chain yeah I would -- that. Listen every senior destination and enjoying the trip. Could be for selling -- but I picture this now being a girl's car and -- -- I didn't know problem and take what if turns out the better sense of smell. It's it's little funky but -- not off. So we get to work. Hot brands or. Carnell sparked when we move on to the real secret of selling your car online those pictures there are problems here only five -- didn't look at them. Bryant says this steering -- needs to be streamed down the sudden it -- And these other cars he did go key number one pitchers are everything being outside in the park and every angle. And here's the text -- -- As a force to drive this is it successful nation when he -- And -- lives. -- -- expect Kelly Ryan says -- exclamation points in all caps and instead offered details about the car. Key number two spelling counts why does that they want to think that you're taking as much Karen your at. As you have with the car next week in the cold Clarkson who sold thousands of -- -- -- -- Actually -- -- advantage over the -- people they're afraid to go to a dealership. So -- you really want to make them feel as warm. And comfortable with you because if somebody isn't like you they're not gonna buy from -- And -- number three don't ignore her look kind TI 85% of big buying decisions are made by the woman. So -- all this -- Days later the new ad is being viewed twice as many times -- the old life and remember that first offer 4000 dollars and now we've got anyone. 7000. Dollars easily double this event in world news. But they're going to wait they think they might actually get -- even higher offer we will see it a role day -- -- commissioner that you wanted to tell everyone about something because another big mistake we made out there we're told the biggest mistake if there is that people prices too high if you look at the blue book value forget the blue book value the blue book value is -- national average you should look to see. What your car selling for in your area -- your homework. Look -- the local newspaper check it out and then price it correctly for first time OK thank you real money sure enough funds they.

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{"id":17400888,"title":"Tips to Selling Your Used Car","duration":"3:00","description":"Follow these expert tips to sell your own car for the right price.","url":"/WNT/video/tips-selling-car-17400888","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}