Toddler spreads joy to UPS drivers

Marco, 2, was invited to tour a UPS facility after he and his mother were noticed waving to delivery drivers each day.
1:45 | 04/03/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Toddler spreads joy to UPS drivers
Finally tonight, America strong. The toddler spreading joy and the special delivery. While many of us appreciate our local U.P.S. Delivery driver, perhaps no one loves to see those big brown trucks more than 2-year-old Marco. There he is! His passion for trucks growing even stronger after his mother Clarissa alcazar took him by a U.P.S. Regional hub near San Diego, California. He was floored. I mine, he was so excited. It was the coolest thing. And so we just made it part of our routine. So, day after day, they'd wave to those U.P.S. Trucks and drivers. We were seeing U.P.S. Drivers on the way home and leaving. Drivers like Ron Jimenez taking notice. He's usually in the same place, so, as we drive out, we honk, we wave, you know, say "Hola." Inviting Marco and his mom on a tour of their facility, and a chance to drive around in a replica more his size. Oh, my gosh, that just melted everybody's heart. That sparked an idea, and a surprise from those appreciative drivers and U.P.S. A custom-designed mini U.P.S. Truck, just for Marco. They gave it a complete overhaul. Repainted it, put all our emblems and stickers all over it. The truck number is actually Marco's birthday. A special bond. Delivering joy, one wave at a time. Every time I have that thought, I get emotional about it. He is so special to me. Being able to share him with other people and give them joy -- I have no words to describe how awesome that is. And we loved seeing Marco in that truck. Thanks to our San Diego affiliate KGTV for help with that story.

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{"duration":"1:45","description":"Marco, 2, was invited to tour a UPS facility after he and his mother were noticed waving to delivery drivers each day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"76858418","title":"Toddler spreads joy to UPS drivers","url":"/WNT/video/toddler-spreads-joy-ups-drivers-76858418"}