Tom Brady Fan Sheds Light on Knee Injuries

More young athletes are suffering from torn ligaments usually seen in adults.
3:38 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for Tom Brady Fan Sheds Light on Knee Injuries
There is a severe injury you often see in professional athletes which is increasingly occurring in children even young children. One Philadelphia hospital reported a 400%. Surge in the number of children blowing out their needs with long term consequences. Just as it has been doing to their sports heroes here's ABC's doctor Richard passer. Tom Brady. Took a tremendous hit. It would be quarterback Tom Brady's last playing the patriots 2008 season. A painful game changing injury for adults so just imagine if you're not. ACL playing terrible law when I was -- and Germany ACL playing very slow -- the -- was wasting. Our. The ACL -- the main stabilizing ligament of the knee when athletes run cut -- and ripped the CO the immediate and steady and -- even walk. 45 million kids many genius behind -- organized sports in the United States in play hard. There are turned immense travel teams all star teams. No time for the simple playground running jumping and climbing to build strong flexible joints they're not out there and they're doing free play and Alice -- I've never seen an ACL -- -- from playing kick the can. This sort of epidemic. That we're seeing right now -- may become an epidemic. 1020 years down the road of younger people with arthritis in -- -- its -- risk which worries -- -- from -- -- Lisa and -- son -- it took a bad here playing tackle football two months ago when he was just seven years old. Ally against them -- -- think this person -- Lowell knocked out for like two seconds to allow oil up prospect Kyle -- spare her when the doctors told you he -- -- ACL. Mean what wintry heads I was devastated I think for him is such a severe injury it's such a young -- -- you you -- -- -- -- of adults having this type of injury. He lived he's in six to nine months of intensive rehab but there's one thing -- gives him comfort that he's heroes Tom Brady. Lucky number twelve -- he wears the Jersey to every rehab session. So that gave us an idea but does so we took -- Seymour to the stadium with the patriots play. And we had a pretty good idea that someone else might be -- to -- Tom Brady towards ACL any place. Words and -- landings and weighing in fights let me play that you know how he did then. Maybe should ask. -- yeah. Yeah. -- Caleb. Should there you heard from. I did you do that. -- and before the rough game. We'll get through -- towards -- -- -- like any rehabilitation unit district from into the book but it -- really strong senior Beckett they're running with your friends. A superstar. And EU. With something in common designed to -- into the ground they carried it -- okay. Rich what's the lesson you're sending out to parents tonight about well I mean kids should be playing organized sports but they need to do it safely and -- and Coker had it right. You have to make sure your kids have time to play just like kids that that natural play which is -- -- strengthen your joints. In an interesting thing we're seeing many schools developing prevention programs that -- make that play. So -- bouncing they're jumping they're turning but they're not doing this sudden movements like an organized force. Hopefully this will help prevent the -- and the repetitive motion and organized sport that such a big part of this thanks so much and of course rich. Always has more on line and has report.

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{"id":14960431,"title":"Tom Brady Fan Sheds Light on Knee Injuries","duration":"3:38","description":"More young athletes are suffering from torn ligaments usually seen in adults.","url":"/WNT/video/tom-brady-fan-sheds-light-knee-injuries-14960431","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}