Tom Brady Helps Save Coach's Life

NFL quarterback searches for organ donor for lifelong mentor, Tom Martinez.
3:41 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Tom Brady Helps Save Coach's Life
Every champion has a -- someone who unlocks their talent and confidence and changes their lives. Well tonight the most successful quarter -- the NFL is preparing for the big stage of the Super Bowl but he has also. Trying to return a favor to his teacher the ultimate gift saving his life. Here's ABC's Josh -- with our person of the week. Tom Brady is a three time Super Bowl champion. A two time most valuable player and by most any measure one of the greatest quarterbacks in football history. All thanks in part to the efforts of his lifelong throwing coach Tom Martinez -- radios so much and who. In quickly failing health. Now need so much himself. They we have a couple celebrity. -- creating. This was the Tom Brady who Martinez first met. A wispy and -- remarkable northern California -- seeking the expertise of -- has -- a local junior college coach. But Martinez would soon become much more than mere mentor. The very first time when. Tommy got stage fright in before the first game Tom Martinez went out and work with them and within two minutes had him. Fully confident again. The -- also remain in your Constant Contact via text message. And the results are well known all the pride. But it's the man Brady has become that is Martinez is greatest worked and now hope. For several years ago Martinez was diagnosed with diabetes one of a host of maladies now threatening the coach's life. And without a kidney transplant Martinez -- doctors now give him no more than a few months to live. My body in the last warriors. Who have been brutalized. I've probably had seven operations. I probably get stuck with a -- Point five times a week. I'm trying to stay alive. You know I don't want to be immortal. -- want to live a little bit longer. But Martinez didn't teach Tom Brady to shrink from the challenge and -- was the Brady took to FaceBook. And to media new and old in search of a donor who might help save the life of a man -- meant so much. -- been a great friend of mine and for a long time and -- He had -- -- -- pro -- are very young age so. You know he's been looking for Kinney for quite awhile. What do you say when people come forth and try to after after you hit that down spot. You know word you feel like quitting. And everybody else is telling you know this isn't gonna work actors. Charm is his you know. Not given up on his coach. You know like I can't express in words. My gratitude. Anything it. And for -- efforts more than 300 people have now volunteered to see if they aren't suitable donor match turns out. All of those titles and triumphs are mere byproduct of love and respect of the student for his teacher of what Tom Brady and learn from Tom Martinez. Without ever beaten up. Was there one phrase that he would always say to him when he needed it view it would -- what might take somebody in our two on learn or -- learned. When Martinez said it's -- mere moments again Tom Brady having covered him when most intensely loyal men. Thanks so much trash them what a person we can -- is sure hope he gets that that --

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{"id":15460873,"title":"Tom Brady Helps Save Coach's Life","duration":"3:41","description":"NFL quarterback searches for organ donor for lifelong mentor, Tom Martinez.","url":"/WNT/video/tom-brady-helps-save-coachs-life-15460873","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}